Vastu-recommended purchases for Dhanteras


A day of auspicious celebration, Dhanteras comes before Diwali and honors the birth of Dhanvantari, the God of Health. This is the day when people usually buy electronics, gold, and silver, and other metal goods. Broomsticks and other cleaning supplies are also preferred by some. Dhanteras will be observed this year on November 10, 2023.

The connection between Vastu and Dhanteras

The areas of our homes, businesses, and offices where we spend the majority of our time are closely associated with vaastu. To draw the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, these areas should be energetically and positively charged. Vastu principles must therefore be followed when furnishing and decorating these spaces. Additionally, in order to create a loving, tranquil, joyful, and positive environment, the things we purchase on Dhanteras should follow Vastu principles.

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1. Toran or flowers for the main doorYou can buy items to adorn your main door, such as artificial flowers, kalash mala, mango leaves, and more, in accordance with Vastu. These things give off a good vibe when they are hung on your main door in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Real flowers can also be used, as their aroma has a calming, uplifting effect on the space.

2. Diyas –Vastu suggests that you can purchase Diyas to adorn your main gate’s entrance area from the inside as well as the outside. Use ghee to illuminate the Diyas in the north-east. These Diyas’ flame drives away evil spirits and welcomes hope. The aroma of ghee creates a pleasant, tranquil, and joyful atmosphere. Diyas can be positioned anywhere in your house, business, or shop. For lighting, you can use candle Diyas or white oil if you’d like.

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3. Rangoli –Depending on your preference, a rangoli can be designed on either the left or right side of the main door. Steer clear of using raw rice on the floor or sketching images of gods. Rangoli’s use of color combinations produces lovely patterns that will please both you and your guests. 4. Water Fountain -According to Vastu, a water fountain facing north or north-east can help clear out bad energy and bring in positive energy for the area. Happiness and tranquility are brought about by the soothing sound of flowing water, which revives the heart and relaxes the soul.

5. Wind chime- With the exception of iron objects, you can purchase a bamboo wind chime and hang it in the west or north-west direction. The calming, meditative sounds produced by the bamboo pipes aid in bringing happiness and banishing bad luck.

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6. Crystal Ball-A crystal ball is an auspicious choice because, according to Vastu, it has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. 7. Crystal Globe-Vastu states that a crystal globe encourages both academic and business success.

8. Education tower -According to Vastu, an education tower promotes learning, contentment, and personal development.

9. The Sun’s images-According to Vastu, images of the Sun are thought to bring harmony, goodwill, and financial prosperity.

10. Stone tree or crystal tree-According to Vastu, crystal trees are connected to growth and prosperity, while stone trees with nine stones stand for harmony, peace, growth, and prosperity.

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11. Tulsi Plant-Purchasing a Tulsi plant and engaging in regular worship, according to Vastu, can bestow blessings and good health upon your home.

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