Who are the top 5 highest paid Cricketers in the world?


M. S. Dhoni

M. S. Dhoni the Indian skipper who made India proud many a times, is the most successful and highest paid captain in the world of cricket. Dhoni earns about 23 Million by only endorsing and from IPC and BCCI he gets 5.7 Million per annum. Other than Virat and Sachin he gets to endorse the most and that pays him pretty well. M.S. Dhoni thereby becomes the highest paid cricketer in the world by earning a whopping 28.7 Million a year.

Virat Kohli

The next in the countdown is none other than the fastest runner and skipper Virat Kohli, from Indian cricket team. Virat is the best batsman and he does his best to score the highest possible run for his team. Virat was the highest paid cricketer in 2016 IPL where he earned 2.26 Million. Virat is a gem in the Cricket world and hence grabs a good amount of money from BCCI. He earns around 6.9 million per year which includes his income from both IPL and BCCI. He owns his own brand WRONG and also endorses a lot of big and popular brands. He is the second highest paid cricketer till date but it seems he will beat M.S Dhoni in no time and will become the number one highest paid cricketer in the world.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is known for his powerful gameplay on the field and is also quite popular for his love for party. Being the most valued and cherished cricketer in the world made him the third highest paid cricketer. By playing various cricket leagues like IPL, Big Bash, CPL, and more he earns quite a handsome income, which is 4.5 Million. Chris is known for being a complete package, who plays great and also leaves no stone unturned to entertain everyone around him. He has also endorsed many big brands and also is the Brand Ambassador for a few and from them he earns around 3 Million.

Shahid Afridi

Everyone knows what Shahid Afridi can do. Such a great batsman he is. As a salary by PCB he earns 2.3 Million per year and also by playing T20 league. Among the Pakistan cricket team, he is the highest paid cricketer. By endorsing various brands he earns 4 Million and in total his total annual income become 6.3 Million.

AB De Villiers

The last player to get the highest paid cricketer tag is AB De Villers. The all-rounder cricketer grabs the title of 5th highest paid cricketer in the world. He gets paid through by the South African Central Board, by playing various cricket leagues, IPL, and by endorsing many brands. As a salary Villiers get paid around 3.5 Million and the brand he endorses he gets paid 2 Million. In total, he earns 5.5 Million annually.

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    we should support our real hero @Indianarmy, not cricketers, they are playing only for money

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