Why Waxing is preferred over shaving


Waxing and shaving techniques of Hair removal are completely different. As we all know that waxing pulls the hair from roots through repetitive tugs and shaving is like more of a trim only removing hair from the surface of the skin and leaving the root intact. If you are confused that which method is best for you

What is waxing

Waxing involves a process in which a warm mixture applied to the skin and removed quickly once it cools. There will be two types of wax soft and hard wax. Soft wax requires strips to remove whereas hard wax removes hair without strips.

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What is Shaving

Shaving is very simple in nature and just required a razor for hair removal. Safety razors are disposable and look like you can find it any of the grocery stores . electric shavers are little bit expensive and provides a neat and clean and closer shave. Razors just scrapes the top edge of the skin and remove the hair

Side effects of waxing

There is chance of side effects of waxing like Pain, redness, irritation, Rash, Bumps, Sun sensitivity and allergic reaction

Side effects of shaving

Shaving side effects upon your skins sensitivity and include side effects like itching, cuts, Razor burn, ingrown hairs

Many people prefer shaving over waxing as it is an easy process and require  less time to remove hair and only razor required in this so cost of shaving is less. lets discuss why waxing is much better than shaving and cares for your skin safety

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1. Waxing lasts longer-you will have growth after a few days after shaving and the growth is heavy. but in case of waxing it pulls out the hair from its root so it has to completely regrow and gives you a smooth silky feeling for weeks.

2. Growth will be lighter-it is notices that after doing regular waxing the hair growth begins to grow back thinner . But if you will shave you will be breaking the hair off at the thickest part of the follicle which will be causing it to grow back appearing thicker.

3. Smoother Finish- After shaving you will get a slightly prickly subtle which is annoying. Sometimes you will miss a few spots. Waxing will provide a smoother finish and giving you a royal feel on the body.

4. Better for sensitive skin- Waxing is good option if you are having a sensitive skin. if you will shave frequently it will give rash to your skin and uncomfortable irritation.

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5. Exfoliate your skin- when you will choose the option of waxing it will remove the dead skin cells which comes on the surface the bad stuff of the skin is removed by the wax and it will leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Waxing will leave your skin smooth and soft finish and gives your skin a baby look.

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