5 Foods which can control your bad cholesterol

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Cholesterol- There are two types of Cholesterol HDL And LDL in Human Body HDL is Good cholesterol and LDL is Bad Cholesterol if you want to be healthy you have to keep a check on the cholesterol levels. If LDL or Bad Cholesterol increases it will effect your heart health in this article we will discuss foods which will lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Citrus fruits- Fruits which are rich in pectin which is a kind of soluble fiber are good for health and lowers the LDL (Bad cholesterol) in Body.

Nuts- Studies shows that nuts like walnut almonds are good for healthy living walnuts are full of polyunsaturated fats which is good for heart health.

Spinach- Spinach is full of good healthy nutrients it will improve your overall health.  It has carotenoids which will lower down bad cholesterol in your body.

Green Tea- Green tea is a good source which lowers down the LDL (bad Cholesterol ) in our body. It also increase the HDL (Good Cholesterol) In the body and makes it healthy.

Amla- it is a great source of Vitamin C  and amino acids.  It reduces the cholesterol level in our body.it will give protection against the  CAD(Coronary artery disease)

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