A secret ingredient from kitchen which will make your skin Glow like never before

rice water

Naturally Glowing skin is typically skin that is healthy and hydrated. If you have beautiful skin it boosts your self confidence and self esteem. One feels very much confident when other people Praise them. You can get naturally beautiful skin from a secret ingredient in the kitchen which is Rice. Rice water for skin is a natural home remedy which contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals which will protect and repair your skin. If you will follow the skincare routine of rice water on your skin you will have a glowing and smooth skin.

How rice water can do wonders on your skin?

1. Anti Aging benefits-Rice water is full of amino acids, antioxidants and minerals which slow down the aging signs in your body. It will maintain the skin elasticity and reduce the ageing signs on the skin.

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2. Skin will glow with rice water- it will brighten up the skin and provides an even skin tone.  Your skin will glow with the regular usage of rice water on your skin.

3. Reduce the effect of Sunburn- Rays of sun and scorching heat can damage your skin tissues but rice water will help in smoothing the skin from any kind of sun damage like sunburn, redness and even itching. it will leave a cooling effect on your skin and make your skin healthier and shiny.

4.Free from oil- rice water will protect your skin from acne as the regular usage of rice water on your skin will helps in reducing the extra oil in your skin and will make your skin beautiful.

5. Fair complexion– rice water will help in lightening your skin tone and provide you fair complexion. if you will clear your face every day with fermented rice water it will work wonders on your skin tone.

Other health benefits of Rice water

1. Hair health- Rice water is quite helpful in maintaining hair beauty. It will repair the damaged hair from the inside out, including split ends.

2. Hair cleanser-Rice water will balance scalps Ph levels and make your hair beautiful. You can wash your hair with rice water easily and there is no need for any cleanser. if you need extra benefit you can add some drops of essential oils in rice water before use.

3. Stomach problems- Rice water helps in curing different stomach related Problems like infections, gastric and nausea. Don’t drink too much rice water as over consumption of anything could be harmful.

Skin Care Routine of Rice

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1. Scrub- You can use Rice water as a scrub by adding some sea salt and a bit of essential oil and citrus to make a natural exfoliate.  Just Rub on your skin with light hands and rinse.

2. Cleanse- take a small amount of rice water in a cotton ball and apply all over you face and neck as a toner  and cleanse your skin properly with that.

3. Massage- take a small amount of rice water massage it a few minutes massage it upwards and circular motion for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with cool water.

4. Face serum- you can tale 3 spoons of rice water add aloe Vera gel in it if you want you can add vitamin E capsules in it and your face serum is ready to use.

5. Face pack – you can make a face pack of rice water with a thick sheet of tissue paper and place it on your face and after getting dry remove it with water.

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