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Portable AC – these Ac are basically self contained portable system ideal for cooling single rooms. These are coming with quick set up installation kits and normally sit on the floor. Mostly models are coming with wheels you can move these Ac in to different rooms of your choice.

Portable Ac are easy to install, will provide you instant cooling easy to carry from one place to another. If you don’t have space or window to fit an AC and want to be chill in this hot summers you can buy portable AC . These are less expensive and will give you ease of flexibility that windows AC and Split Ac Can’t. You can easily move Portable air conditioner from one room to another. If you are living on rent or you are in a job that demands frequent relocation portable Acs are best for you. You can easily relocate portable AC whenever required and enjoy cool air at all times

Features of Portable AC

1. Easily moveable – Portable Acs are easily moveable from one place to another so these are quite convenient and flexible to use.

2. No long installation process – They do not require long installation like windows and split ac. these are having quick set up installation kit.

3. Ideal for small rooms- Portable Acs is ideal pick for small rooms or offices. if you are living in a rented flat or office these acs are perfect for you as they are not installed permanently and can relocate from one place to another  place easily.

4. More Features- Portable Acs are coming with programmed timers which increase your comfort level They are cheaper in price as compared with Split or window units. Dehumidifiers feature in it will reduce the humidity in your room and no chance of allergy developing. They require smaller space to stand so easily adjustable at any place. it consumes less power as compared to split and window units thus saves your electricity bill.

Checklist before buying Portable AC

1. Price Matters- Portable Acs is less expensive than window or split Ac. These are best to choose if you frequently relocating from one place to another. Portable Ac is ideal for small families and small offices. You have to spend more in using portable Ac if you want to cool a big room

2. Space- Portable Ac is best for their small size. They require less space to adjust. These are easily moveable from one room to another and even you can relocate it easily from one place to another. Always check that portable Ac comes with wheels for easy relocation.

3. Installation- No professional installation required in Portable Acs. Just hook up the window kit for ventilation which is very simple.

4. Technology- Always buy a Portable Ac that comes with programmable Thermostat which automatically switched off when your room reaches the temperature you have set in it. It will save your electricity bill.

Best Options of Portable Ac

Blue Star 1 Ton AC(PC 12 DB )Blue star offers Better heat transfer Features Acs from Blue star are coming with a specially designed filter which provides you bacteria free air. It contains bactericide which stops the development of bacteria and captures dust provides you filtered air. This Ac is coming with Auto mode which controls humidity and comes with caster wheels for easy portability. Its self diagnosis feature shows the error code if Ac is facing any issue in working smooth.

2. Midea 1 ton portable AC –Midea brings you portable AC with Anti Freeze thermostat which bars the accumulation of frost in heat exchanger. It is coming with infini cool compressor jacket which reduces the noise from the system

3. Lloyd 1 ton Portable AC- Lloyd 1 ton portable AC it consumes 1290 Watt. So you can save in electricity bills. It is coming with timer

4. Paradis 100 1  ton Portable AC-Paradis 100 1 ton  portable Ac will give you ultimate cooling experience and maintain the desired temperature of the consumer only 0.76 watt so big savings on electricity bills.

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