Best Almonds You can buy for Nutrition


Almonds are best for nutrition as they are full of antioxidants fats, minerals and Vitamins. They have ample of health benefits and are used to make almond oil, almond milk, flour, and beauty products. You can enjoy almond as a topping for various type of sweets, ice creams and so on. You can also enjoy almond milk in your coffee.

How do we select the prime Almond Brands for you?

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Almonds are rich source of fiber and Vitamin E. They help to increase cognitive abilities and regulates blood sugar levels, and are full with magnesium and protein to aid your fitness purpose. You can purchase finest quality of almonds ranging vary from Rs 219 to 799 in India.

While buying almonds, you must consider some points in advance. In India, California and Solimo premium are the most popular brands of almonds. You should check almonds are not too dry and must have a sufficient amount of oil when you break it. Incase they pungent smell or taste, it means they have gone nasty.


Make certain that you always procure from reputable brands instead of purchasing it in mass amount from a local dealer. Pay more attention to quality over quantity. Below mentioned is the list of the top rated almonds in the country so that you can rely on without any doubt.

List of the top 5 Almond Brands in India

1. Tata Sampann- Tata Sampann is a great brand by Tata Chemicals which is a renowned brand worldwide. It includes a range of nutrition Dals and spices. These are high quality almonds and big in size. Almonds are naturally high in magnesium, protein and phosphorus. These almonds are tasty and highly nutritious. If we are planning to buy high quality and are full of nutrition.

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2. Vedaka- Vedaka is Amazon India Best brand which sells groceries, grains and pulses dried fruits and other everyday things. These almonds are high quality with proper amount of crunch. These almonds are affordable as well as tasty and come without shell.

3. Nutraj- Nutraj is  Retail and consumer brand from VKC Nuts Pvt Ltd it is one of the country major exporters and distributers of nuts and dry fruits. These are crisp and Healthy raw almonds which are derived from California top farms. these are high in fiber and Protein which aids in weight maintenance and loss. These are pure and handpicked almonds.

4. Solimo- Solimo is a private brand on Amazon which offers kitchen and domestic supplies. Every Solimo products ensures high quality. These are high quality almonds which are hygienically packed with Great taste and quality.

5. Tulsi- Tulsi is a dry fruit brand which is owned By KBB Nuts private limited offering the most diverse selection of raw and flavored products. These are gluten free and nutrient rich it provides various benefits on Health, hair and skin.

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