Best and Popular Laptops Brands to Buy in 2022

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The best laptop in 2022 comes with variety of brands Prices and Features. Laptops are necessity today not luxury. Good news is that there is no shortage of supply and there is something for everyone with their own budget but one disadvantage is that there are so many products and you have to choose the best one for your needs and requirement. Lets discuss some best brands of laptops in 2022

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Popular Laptop Brands

1. Apple- Apple is one of the luxury brands to buy when you want to purchase laptops, Smart phones, computers and tablets. It has number one position in top Smartphone brand and other segments like customer support, quality, design, Power and display. These laptops are of high quality features and looking more Impressive with its outlook with its logo on it. The Operating System of Apple Products are error free and easy to use. These laptops are so much reliable. Apple offers best customer support to Mac book users 24×7 Support over calls Free for a period of 90 days.

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Best features

1. Excellent Battery Life

2. Macbook contains quality Speakers

3. Products are fast and Responsive

4. Baseline models offers superb performance

Apple Laptops are highly priced and having Non Upgradable RAM

2. HP- HP also Known as Hewlett Packard is one of the brand which exists in the market for a long time but not quite popular as it used to be. They provide quality desktops which are widely used by gamers and professionals. Current notebooks of Hp are powerful ,fast and easy for consumers to carry and adopt according to their requirements. High end series laptops like specter , Omen and Z book has some of the best features and provides value for your money.

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Best Features

1. A wide range of laptops which suits everyone’s needs

2. High value customer care support

3. Comprehensive device warranty of up to 3 years

Some models have less Battery support and hardware durability does not show much confidence

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3. Lenovo- Lenovo Company is established in 1984 and associated with computer manufacturing. It is one of the premium brand in laptop brands and having slight higher price than other manufacturers. The laptops of Lenovo can be used for gaming, business needs or students work. They are best known for business class laptops which offer power and super designs. The laptops of Lenovo has great features like touchpad keyboard display and audio quality. Customer support system is excellent and can be accessible with telephone and emails

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Best features

1. Durable Hardware components with reasonable price bracket

2. it has products for every segment.

3. Good customer support system

4. A good network of service centers

4. Dell- if you prefer window laptop you can choose Dell. They have good technical and after sales support and appreciated worldwide for this. They offer Budget friendly laptops and design and hardware is powerful. They offer simple designs that why not preferred by all people. Dell inspiron is perfect for budget users. Their notebooks have latest features like touch screens, backlit Keyboards, Powerful processors, and long lasting batteries.

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Best features

1. laptops are portable and innovative

2. wide product range

3. excellent customer service

4. 30 days return policy

5. Acer- Acer is Taiwanese computer manufacturer which has clients globally.  They provide best value for money. it is established in 1976 and having good market share. It offers products for every range. Acer laptops provide good battery life and performance is up to mark. It has wide range of products and good customer support system. They handle the query with chat, telephone email and social Media platforms.

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Best features

1. Wide product range

2. Affordable and quality gadgets

3. They provide dedicated series for high end professional gaming

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