Process of download Digital voter ID on your Smartphone

E epic

Meaning of E epic- It is a secure PDF version of the EPIC that can be downloaded for use on mobile devices or printed out directly from a PC. In this way, a voter can save the card to his or her phone, send it to Digi Locker as a PDF, or print it off and laminate it themselves. This is an addition to the current PCV EPIC release.

For a number of reasons, it is crucial to have proper identification, such as a voter ID card. When such documents are needed immediately, it may not be able to carry the actual copy of the official ID. Now that the Indian Election Commission has started issuing digital voter identification cards, it is suggested for such circumstances. Since National Voter Day in 2021, this E-voting cards facility has been operational. These e-voter cards, which are accessible for download in Non editable PDF format on your smartphone, are often the digital equivalent of your photo ID. Moreover, it may be kept in digital lockers like digi locker.

Requirements for digital voter ID

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1. Mobile number should be linked with the voter ID if it is not linked you have to complete the KYC process before downloading the voter card

2. Keep your physical copy of voter card handy with you when you will try to download the digital one.

Procedure to download the digital Voter ID on your Smartphone

1. Open any browser and visit official website of for downloading the digital voter card

2. Click on Download e-Epic option.

3. You have to tap on the E epic download option which is available at top of the webpage.

4. Enter your login details if you are an existing user if not then register yourself with a phone number.

5. When you enter the portal click on the e –epic link and type your EPIC number which is definitely a 10 digit unique number printed on the voter ID card.

6. Verify the details displayed on the mobile screen.

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7. Validate your mobile number by the otp received over the phone and press the download E epic to download the digital voter ID on your Smartphone

8. Now the digital voter ID will be downloaded on your mobile

Phone in a non editable PDF format.

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