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It is common these days to find errors in your id proofs, address proofs. Somewhere there’s a name mismatch, an address mismatch or a photo error. These mistakes are common but can cause you to lose some great opportunities. Let me give you a real life example of how a name error caused a series of problems for my family. So, my father’s name was Bhagwan dass but everyone in his friends’ circle and family used to call him Bhanu as it was short and they didn’t feel like they were talking to god. My mother had applied for DDA flats, these are the flats offered by govt. at considerable low prices than the market rate and out of lakhs of people only a few thousands are allotted these flats by a random draw of names.

Fortunately my mothers’ name was selected and unfortunately my father died around that time.

To get the flat registered in her name, my mother was required to submit some documents like her id proof and her family’s id proofs also.

So she got the documents ready and submitted them at their registered office, but we got a notice from their side that you have given us id proofs of Mr. Bhagwan dass but in the application form you have written your husband’s name as Bhanu Pratap, so kindly submit us the documents of Bhanu pratap

And we didn’t have any document of my father that read as bhanu pratap, even his death certificate had the name bhagwan dass on it, there began the chaos and confusion, we tried to tell them that bhanu pratap and bhagwan dass are not two but only one and the same person. But they didn’t believe us, so we had to give an advertisement in newspaper that bhanu pratap and bhagwan dass is one and same person, so that it may not cause any problem in future. And we submitted the cutting of the advt to the concerned dept, and we all know how government departments work, it took them 4 years to allot us our flat. So you see how a name error kept us waiting for 4 long years.

Why you need to correct your voter id card?

Not only this, if you apply for loan in a bank and suppose in your Pan Card your name is ‘Vijay Kumar’ but in your voter id card your name is ‘Vijay’ then you might have to provide an affidavit to the bank stating that the two names mentioned in the pan and voter id card are not two different individuals but one and the same person.

How to rectify the errors in your voter id card?

  • Go to the official site National Voters’ Services Portal of government. Here’s the link
  • Click on ‘Correction of entries on electoral roll’.
  • Form 8 will appear requiring you to select the state and district and fill in the required details like your name, address.
  • After filling in the details, check the box which is to be corrected, if name is to be corrected then check the name box.
  • Below that there will be an option to correct the errors, enter the correct name if you have checked the name box.
  • In case you have a voter id card that has already been issued, you have to submit the details like card no, and state where it was issued etc.
  • Once you are done with filling the details, upload the supporting documents like age proof for changing your age in voter id card.
  • Submit your email id and mobile number, so that you get timely updates regarding your application.
  • And lastly enter the name of the place from where you are making the application and the date on which you are applying.
  • And click on submit but do remember false representation of name or anything in preparation/correction of electoral roll is punishable with imprisonment up to 1 year or fine or both.
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