Here’s how to check live train status using Google Maps


Google one once as a start- up and that time who knew it will turn up into a big company and one of the most famous organizations in the world. Google has expanded itself into becoming the world’s leading search engine and they have the world’s richest CEO in their organization. With time, Google has developed a lot of things in their portals such as Google Voice, Google Photos and Google Maps. All of these things have made the organization, more trustworthy and famous.

There might be nobody who would not be using Google. Nowadays, Google has launched its free transaction portal which is known as Google Pay. But here let us just discuss Google Maps.

Although initially Google Maps was not a hit but they kept on putting in the innovations as well as some of the latest techs which resulted in what Google Maps we use. From finding a restaurant to delivery boys and girls finding a house while completing their delivery. Everybody uses and are happy with Google Maps. So if you are one of those who know less about this then you are in the right place. These days Google Maps can also help us know the train schedule as well as check the live status of your train. This is how you can do it.

  • First of all, just launch Google Map’s application on your mobile phone.
  • In the search bar just enter the destination station or you can simply punch the location, both of them will do the same thing for you.
  • Then as soon as you do this there would be a small train icon that would be shown in the smartphone, just below the dialogue box. Click on it.
  • From there you will have to select the route option that will be available on the screen.
  • Then tap on the train name and check the live status of the train.

Isn’t it simple and easy? You need to do nothing just follow these simple 5 steps and you would be able to know the exact location where the train currently is. This will help you learn the time of arrival and if at all the train gets delayed you must be informed by a notification that would prompt in the notification bar.

So this might be a new thing but it comes down to be one of the most important and effective things when it comes to knowing about the train. If at all you need any other kind of help you can check out the other apps as well. But if it is just to know the exact location of the train, this one is the best and the easiest.

So before you leave for the platform just check with Google maps and see for sure that will the train reach at the station at the correct time or not? It comes in handy for a lot of people and could save you a lot of time that could easily be wasted.

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