How to remove malware or virus from your android device?


There has been a lot of innovations and evolutions in all the tech sections. The same has happened for smartphones. Be it Apple or Android, you need to take some certain precautions which will help you in getting a better result and will also save your mobile phone from a lot of problems.

This is the article that you should read from the start to the end because if you are using a smart device, you need to know the harmful things that you are doing. You need to understand the cause of these things. You also need to think of the reason as to why you should know about them.

There is a question that a lot of people have started asking Google, which is, “Do smartphones contain a virus?” “Are there ways by which my mobile can be infected with a virus? Now if we were still living in the early 2000s, these question might not have existed because, during that time, the virus usually infected the laptops and none else. But now with the invention of Android devices, there are equal chances that the malware can infect your mobile the same way they did to your laptops and desktops.

No, I know that all your ids including the social media handles are opened in the tabs of your mobile applications. So are they at stake? Trust me things could get worse any moment but the moment you detect that your mobile is infected, just follow these steps and remove the malware from your device. But before coming to the removal process be 100% sure that your phone is infected. Here are some ill-effects that can make it sure that your phone is under attack.

  1. If it gets slow. Or there are times when your phone unexpectedly starts to lag.In both these cases, you can be sure that your phone has a virus.
  2. You can also decide this when you launch a certain application and you find a problem in doing so. If the application is taking too long to get launch you are under attack.
  3. If you have a postpaid connection, your next bill will show a huge payment to be done and there are unexplained data usage happening from your mobile.
  4. Now even if your battery drains faster than you expected, this is the cause of the virus.
  5. A virus will also make too many pop-ups to come on your mobile screen.
  6. If there are certain applications that you haven’t downloaded or you don’t remember downloading.
  7. If you get a regular hunch of data loss from your mobile.

All these and many more are the direct signals that your mobile is infected and you need to understand that this should go away immediately.Now here are a few steps that you can follow to eliminate the threat from your mobile.

  1. What you can do for your starters is shut down the phone and restart it in the safe mode. The safe mode option will flash on your screen as you restart your mobile.
  2. Just uninstall the applications that you think might have caused virus in your mobile.
  3. Moreover, if you are using any app very frequently there are chances that these applications would also get infected. So whichever app you think is posing a problem should be eliminated.
  4. Install an antivirus for your phone and scan your device. There cannot be a better option for you to get the virus out of your phone.

Now if you are looking for some other suggestions they are down under:

  1. You can just connect it with your laptop and check it using the anti-virus in your lappy or desktop.
  2. If the problem is too high and you don’t get a solution just format it and choose the factory settings option.

All these tricks are going to help you in getting the virus out of your mobile so try them out.And even if you are not able to get a solution from any of these just visit your mobile store and get your phone checked there. They are going to resolve this problem of yours.

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