How to use Google Contacts to remember someone’s birthday


The Google Contacts birthday reminder feature is now slowly being distributed. Users of this function can get birthday notifications for contacts they have saved in their phone for friends and family.

Google Contacts allows users to enter each contact’s birthdate, and the capability syncs with all devices linked to the same Google Account.Follow our detailed instructions if you want to use the functionality and give your contacts birthday reminders:

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Google Contacts’ most recent version can be downloaded through the Play Store.

You may access the birthdates of your family and friends by linking it to your Google Account.

Steps  to put up a Google Contacts birthday reminder

Install the most recent version of the Google Contacts app on your phone by downloading it.

Launch Google Contacts

From the bottom panel of your Google Contacts app, select Highlights page.

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The Add Birthday tab is included in the app’s For You section.

The contact list will then be displayed, allowing you to select the person you want to add the birthday for.

In the year of their birth field, select the contact and enter the birthday.

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After that, if you’ve activated the notice for the birthday reminder, Google Contacts will let you know when their birthday is approaching. There will be a new ‘Add birthday notification’ option in the top-right corner of every contact whose birthday has been saved.

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