Monsoon Tips- common things to follow to stay healthy this monsoon

Monsoon season gives us the break from scorching heat of summers. The drizzling environment, cool breeze are here to refresh your mind. We can admire nature by sitting in our balcony and can enjoy this season of monsoon as there are heavy rains roads are filled with water an increase in mosquitoes and seasonal infections. As we are free from heat effect of summer yet we are facing viral infections like Flu, malaria, dengue in this season. The high humidity is the cause of various skin infections and fungal infections like acne and eczema. So there is a need to take care of youself a little more to avoid these kind of infections in the body.

Tips to follow this monsoon

1. Eat Green vegetables– in monsoon season bacteria and virus grows up in various vegetables so it is advised to avoid eating vegetables raw. You can either boiled it or steamed it. it will be a healthy option rather frying.

2. Drink Clean water- contaminated water is the main cause for diseases in monsoon. it will give you serious problems like jaundice . so try to drink boiled water after getting cool at home. and if you are travelling anywhere carry your own water bottle and avoid drinking water from anywhere.

3. Avoid outside foods- monsoon season brings you craving of food from street vendors like pakodas ,samosas,chaat etc. But try to avoid eating from street vendors as they can use unhealthy oil or cannot take care of hygiene factor in preparing these items. Eating from outside frequently may lead to various food borne diseases.

4. Drink herbal tea- usage of herbal tea is good in season of monsoon as this tea is mixture of variety of herbs like tulsi, ginger, and cinnamon.  It will increase your immunity and take care of you from seasonal infections. it will help in improving your digestion system

5. walking/exercise– if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you can do 30 minutes walk everyday or can do easy exercises. Physical activity will increase your immune system.

6. Get good sleep- Avoid sleeping late night. Don’t watch too much television we need at least 7-8 hours good sleep to be healthy in mind. so if you want to increase your immunity get a good sleep of 7-8 hours.

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