Now follow these steps to use WhatsApp on numerous devices


The ability to effortlessly message across all of a user’s devices with the same level of privacy and security was offered by WhatsApp last year. Now that the firm has improved accessibility, customers from all over the world can use the same WhatsApp account on different smartphones.

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Users may now link their WhatsApp account with up to four other devices at once when it is linked with WhatsApp on web browsers, tablets, and desktops, which is one of the ‘most demanded’ additions.            

According to WhatsApp, linked phones communicate with the app independently of one another, further ensuring that calls, media, and personal messages are end-to-end encrypted. When the primary device is inactive for a long period of time, all companion devices are automatically logged out for the user.

Users of WhatsApp can now switch between phones without signing out and pick up where they left off in their conversations. In fact, users of WhatsApp for business can reply to consumers right from their phones using the same account.

Procedure to use the same whatsapp account on multiple devices.

1. Install WhatsApp Messenger on a different phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

2. On the registration window, click the “link a device” option.

3. Your primary phone should be open WhatsApp.

4. Look for the “link a device” option in Settings.

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5. All done. Now you can use WhatsApp on two different devices with the same account.

At some point, you can be prevented from re-verifying your account if you attempt to often move your WhatsApp account between several devices. The WhatsApp FAQ website advises against frequently switching between several devices and phone numbers.

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One registered phone number can only be used to verify a single WhatsApp account. When using a dual SIM phone, the user must select just one number for WhatsApp verification.

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