Now you can share your live Location easily using Google Maps; let’s explore

Live location Feature is available in so many apps. Due to the whatsapp privacy policy so many users are switching to other apps. But if you will uninstall whatsapp from your mobile you will not be able to use many features of whatsapp which are necessity. One feature among those features is whatsapp live location. Google is also offering live location facility. Now many users are making use of Google maps. In this article we will discuss how you can share your live location with somebody using Google Maps.

Steps to easy share your live location using Google maps

1. First of all open Google Maps and sign in.

2. Now click on your Profile Picture which is on the top right corner.

3. Click on location Sharing.

4. Now click on the profile of that person to whom you want to share your live location.

5. As another alternative you can click on copy to clipboard after that your location is copied.

6. Now paste the link in to a message in your text or Email or any other messaging app and send it the person to whom you want to share your location.

7. You have to choose how long you want to share your location.

8 Now last just press Share and easily your location will be shared.          

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