Popular Baby strollers available in India


Baby strollers are comfortable for both newborn and older babies. For parents, getting around will become more difficult as their bundle of joy will face uneasy sometimes in your lap all the time. The strollers are not just used as a form of transportation, but as a way to keep your baby close to you. It can make journeys much easier and safer. You can get best baby strollers in the range of RS 3000 to 40000 depending on the various features and quality. Let’s discuss the best bay strollers available in India.

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1. Chicco Cortina Cx stroller- It offers an adjustable backrest with 8 reclining modes for pleasant riding for infants through toddlers. The ground-breaking memory reclining function eliminates the need to modify the backrest position between journeys by maintaining it while folding and unfolding. It is perfect for babies from birth up to 22 kg because to the worldwide homologated design. It includes memory reclining, a clever feature that saves the position of the stroller’s backrest whiles it is folded, saving you the time and effort of having to adjust it every time you fold or unfold the stroller.

2. Luv lap sunshine baby stroller- it has 5 points of safety harness to secure your child safety in the stroller, wheels with brakes ensure safe strolling experience. It allows baby to face parent while strolling. It has 3 position seat recline so that baby can sit relax or sleep inside the stroller it has cushioned seat, adjustable footrest and wheel suspension adds to baby’s comfort.  It has double layered canopy saves the baby from harsh sunlight. It has carrying capacity of 8 kg.

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3. little pumpkin baby stroller- the kiddie kingdom stroller is compact and travel friendly light weight stroller. It has front wheels all terrain wheels with front suspension for smooth ride. It has easy fold mechanism you have to push the bar below with your hand or foot and pram folds itself. It has reversible handle it is equipped with reversible handle feature it has 3 position recline it has simple mechanism to make seat recline 3 positions and gives your baby most comfortable ride.

4. Star and daisy sunrise baby stroller- sunrise stroller is designed considering the safety aspect. Every minor point from safety to style is considered to give the safety aspect. Every minor point from safety to style is considered to give the safest products to your baby. It has rear wheels with breaks and front wheels with direction fixers. It has pushed the bar below your hand or foot and the stroller folds itself.  It has simple mechanism to make the seat recline to 3 positions and give your baby the most comfortable ride.

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5. R for Rabbit pocket air stroller- it is certified as per EN 1888 safety standards it is an air stroller is made up with high quality material and comes with 5 point safety harness for your baby’s super sturdy and safe strolls. You can adjust the stroller as per your baby’s comfort with Up to 3 recline positions to give maximum comfort to your baby. It is very lightweight and travel friendly. It easily fits in to the cabin luggage as well to make your travel hassle free.

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