How to get compensation if your flight is cancelled or delayed


In case you’re wondering, there are certain rights all air passengers are entitled to while traveling. This article would educate our fellow passengers about these rights to claim if need be. These rights can be useful if your flight is delayed or cancelled. In both scenarios, we know for certain that claiming compensation for your tickets always seems like a lot of difficulties to execute. The process seems tiring or completely absent if we fall in such an unfortunate situation. Flights are quite often delayed due to bad weather and in worse conditions can get cancelled. If you’re a frequent air passenger, you are aware of these helpless situations. But this guide will help you in realizing that it is compulsory for the opted flight agency to cover the inconvenience caused and not just apologize for it.

In India, the ACT of 133A of the aircraft rules, entitles the passenger to claim a full refund plus the lodging fee due to delay in flight. There are sites like that helps the passengers with this issue. In case the delay lasts more than 3 hours the airline is required to book another flight as a substitution to cover the booked flight. It is on the passenger to either board the alternative flight or claim full compensation. The claim can amount up to Rs. 10,000-Rs. 20,000 depending upon the damages caused. If you are unable to contact a representative to investigate the matter, keep in handy all the useful bills that occurred due to the delay or cancel then take the help of the refund site. All refunds can be claimed if the problem is raised to the representative within a month of the flight. After filling all the important details regarding your claim, you can also file the complaint with the airline, itself.

According to the rules of Directorate General of Civil Aviation, all domestic flights must take full responsibility to take care of the passengers after a two-hour delay. They may provide passengers with food and pay for the restaurant overnight. Yet, if the airline is cancelled due to natural causes, the passengers are not entitled to any claim. All airlines plan an alternative arrangement for emergencies such as these, which includes covering the waiting period of the travelers and providing them with food and lodging.

Recently revealed, the passenger charter in February also puts in few rules additional to informing the passengers 24 hours before the flight if the delay would be more than 6 hours. In the meantime, the airline must execute another flight arrangement for its passengers. If the flight fails to inform their passengers 2 weeks in advance, the airline must refund the cost of the ticket plus Rs. 10.000. They must assign a new flight to board for the passengers. These rules will ensure the passengers in case of an issue and will eventually improve the aviation system in India. These rules also fill-in several gaps such as compensating for connecting flights due to delayed flights. Earlier the passenger was liable to bear the cost of everything without any his fault.

The air passengers are also in relief after the no-charge cancellation fee of the ticket if the ticket is cancelled within a day of the booking. If the passenger denies the alternative arrangement flight they are still entitled to full refund. The airlines are prohibited to employ additional charges of this plan. Make sure to provide the airline with correct contact details to reach you for information about delays and cancellation. Failing to do so, the flight can withdraw the refund due to false details.

You can contact the aviation customer service of the airline to look further if the issue stays unresolved.

Some domestic flights also carry forward the refund for the next ticket with them.

Speaking of international flights, these rules are like The ACT of EU 216 that covers nearly the same guidelines for situations involving cancelled for a delayed flight. This act explains a form of reimbursement for the damages caused by the airline. This guide will help you to stay alert in terms booking air tickets and demolish any unfair practices by airlines to earn more money.

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