Popular Drone Cameras for the Best Aerial view shots


Drone Cameras are popular among you tubers, travel bloggers and professional photographers. It is a hot selling gadget in the photography world. It is a perfect companion if you want to visit exotic destinations for photography purpose.  It comes in various sizes and shapes you can pick according to your requirement. Lets discuss best drone cameras available in the market.

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Best Drone cameras available in India

1. Vertiqo Foldable Professional foldable Drone- The greatest product on the market is the Vertiqo Foldable Professional Foldable Drone. It weighs roughly the same as an apple and fits comfortably in your palm. It is the perfect travel companion because it is small and practical. It boasts a folding design and twin HD cameras that can be controlled via WiFi apps. Selfies may be taken using hand gestures and the dual camera’s HD wide angle lens, and remote control of the aerial shooting angle is supported. Its range may go as far as 150 metres. It sports a 120 degree wide-angle 4K camera.

2. Super toy wifi drone camera- it has 4k adjustable camera with GPS location and having 120 angle wide lens . it has 1200MAh battery with remote control. Its flying height is 80-85 meters its weight is 450 Gm only you have to charge at least 45 minutes before first use of this product. it has 360 degree rolling which allows you to shoot without any limitations.

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3. IZI Fly drone camera –The 20 MP Sony image sensor camera, along with the 3 axis motorised gimbal brushless motors, and the 4K UHD video in the sky, produces material that is sure to wow. With a small remote controller, it transmits spectacular UHD real-time images across a 5 kilometre transmission range with excellent anti interference features. Its two intelligent batteries, each rated at 3100 mAh, allow it a 35-minute flying duration and 70 savoury minutes of airtime. It weighs 525 g, and it unfolds in 3 seconds. It is so little and light that carrying it is simple.

4. ZUMANZA Professional Drone Wifi camera- It has 4k camera with 1080MP and 120 degree wide angel with wifi connectivity. . it can do aerial photography with ease. Its charging time is about 60 minutes and having flying time of 15-20 minutes  it has brush motor it is one of the best drone camera to buy.

5. Shoprgenix Drone with 4k camera- it has foldable design  with wifi app control dual Hd camera its weight is 200 gms  and flying time is 7-9 minutes  it has charging time of 40 minutes. it weights about as much as an apple and fits in your hand easily it is compact and convenient it can be your idela travel companion and you can easily capture your favorite memories . it has Visual hovering 4 AXIS Dual camera aerial drone with dual flash lights remote control drone.

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6. KB trade Dual camera garuda drone- it is foldable drone wifi camera with 360 degree flip and headless mode. It can fly up to 80 meters of height with flying time of 50 minutes. it has primary camera for wifi real time photo video transmission with primary 1080P and secondary 720P 120 degrees HD lense

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