How You can check Policy status and Premium due details of LIC via Whatsapp

lic whatsapp

The benefits that Lic Policy subscribers can receive through WhatsApp include premium information and statement of Ulip information. For policyholders who have entered their registered cellphone number on The Lic Online Portal, the lic just established the whatsapp service. Policyholders can avail several benefits like getting premium details and a statement of Ulip plan through Lic official whatsapp chatbox.

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To use the services on the instant messaging app, those who have not yet registered their insurance online must first register. By going to, the lic client site, you may register for their insurance.

Step By step Details to use the LIC whatsapp services

1. Contact 8976862090 by saving the whatsapp number to your phone.

2. Launch WhatsApp, type in “LIC of India” and click “Open Chat Box.”

3. Greeting chatbox

4. The LIC chatbot will present you with 11 possibilities.

5. Include a service selection option in your chat reply. One number is used for the premium date, and two for bonus data.

6. LIC will communicate the necessary information via WhatsApp conversation.

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Services offered By LIC whatsapp Services

1. Premium due

2. Bonus information

3. Policy status

4. Loan eligibility quotation

5. Loan repayment quotation

6. Loan Interest due

7. Premium paid certificate

8. Ulip – statement of Units

9. Lic service lInks

10. Opt in/ Opt Out services

11. End the covesrsation

Procedure to register the policy on LIC Online Portal

1. Go to

2. Select the client portal option by clicking it.

3. If you are a new user, enter all the necessary information.

4. After choosing a user ID and password, enter your information.

5. By entering the user ID while logging into the internet portal

6. Next, select Add Policy from the list of basic services.

7. Add details of your policies to complete the Registration.

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