Popular Roti maker machines available in India


Any meal is incomplete without having Rotis, Naan or Parantha. Making a perfect round roti is also a tough task for everyone. But no worries roti makers will help you make round rotis in no time. It reduces the manual work and very easy to use. Let’s discuss best roti makers available in the market.

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1. Prestige Roti Maker- it has Granite Non stick coating. The granite spatter coated surface offers long lasting non stick performance and an elegant finish. It has unique curved surface with elevated edges ensures that the roti stays in the center and makes flipping the rolls easy. This roti maker is tough and extremely safe. The body is reinforced with stainless steel which makes the device strong and shock proof. It has adjustable temperature control knob for making perfect rotis. It has power indicators the red light indicates that the roti maker is  switched on The Green light indicates that the base is heating and when it goes off the appliance is ready to use.

2. Bajaj Roti maker- Bajaj Vacco electrical over 70 year old National company with tradition of high quality products and unconditional after sales services.  It has been crafted with utmost engineering precision to make sure that nothing short of best rotis. This chapatti maker has been made with tabular element the tawa has been made with best food grade Teflon coated non stick aluminum. However its outer body has been made with stainless steel.  It is ultra safe with shock proof body and heat resistant handles.  It has automatic cut off feature with indicator light. Which cuts off the heat supply to roti maker and regulates the temperature

3. Libra Roti Maker – It is an electric and automated roti maker with Bakelite handles and casing that are robust and long-lasting. Because of its heat-resistant Bakelite handles, it is an automated and secure device. You may use it to create paranthas, dosas, and even paneer tikka in addition to making rotis. It is a useful tool that is great for the kitchen. There are two indication LEDs on this roti maker. The power supply will be indicated by one, and thermostatic control by the other. It turns on or off when the desired temperature is reached. Along with controlling the temperature, it also saves power.

4. IBell Roti maker- This chapatti maker comes with a non stick base its designed in such a way that you will be making perfect fluffy and big round chapatti.  You can easy control temperature in it.  It has auto ejecting feature.  After puffing it auto eject the roti from the machine. it has ergonomic handle which is best for making chapati. It comes with 1 year standard warranty and 6 month additional warranty on the product.

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5. Sun flame Roti maker- it will provide uniform heating and oil free cooking. It has non stick coating with stainless steel body and upper lifting handle with power on indicator. It is equipped with Heat resistant lifting handle which allows you to easily lift the top plate while the roti or chapatti is being prepared.

6. Electrosky Electric Roti maker-This Roti maker from electrosky is made from an aluminum body for quickly cooked round shaped roti. It has shockproof Body and comes with heat resistant handles. It is easy to clean and is made from food grade material. It has automatic cut off feature with a light indicator. it is convenient for cooking.

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