Popular Front loading washing machines in India

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A front load washing machine is easy to use home appliance. These are designed to offer maximum cleaning efficiency and less usage of water, energy and cleansers as compared to top load machines.  It will be settled in less space and weight is less than other washing machines. So if you are looking for a compact fully automatic front load washing machine it will help in both energy and time. Let’s discuss the best Front load washing machines available in India.

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Best Front load washing machines

1. LG 7 Kg  5 star fully automatic front load washing machine- it is fully automatic front load washing machine best wash quality and energy and water efficient its capacity is 7 Kg  and suitable for large families. It has 5 star best in class efficiency. It has 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor it has 1200 RPM higher spin speeds which helps in faster drying. It has 10 washing programs and comes with LG inverter direct drive technology in which drum and motor are connected directly which leads to less noise and vibration and more durability.

2. Samsung 6 kg automatic front loading machine- it is fully automatic front load washing machine with best quality and energy efficiency. Its capacity is 6 kg and suitable for small families and bachelors.  It has 1000RPM higher spin speeds which helps in faster drying and having 10 wash programs. It ahs powerful hygiene steam cycle improves the cleaning quality of the wash.

3. IFB 6 Kg front load washing machine -It is the most efficient front-loading washing machine in its class and is completely automated. It is also energy and water efficient. It comes with a 4-year total warranty as well as a 10-year motor warranty and 10-year spare support. Its 800 RPM increased spin speed facilitates quicker drying. It is equipped with 8 wash programmers, a stainless steel crescent moon drum that generates a soft water cushion to protect textiles from harm, and strategically positioned holes to offer the mechanical action needed to achieve the ideal wash results.

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4. Bosch 6kg automatic front loading washing machine- it has 6 kg capacity which is ideal for bachelors and small families. It has BEE 5 star rating it is hygiene wash 99.9 % bacteria reduction. It has 2 years warranty on product and 12 years on motor and having 15 wash programmers. It has anti tangle function which will keep clothes free  from tangles and damage. It has 1000 RPM speed for quick drying.

5. Havells –Lloyd  fully Automatic front load washing machine- This washing machine can wash all types of clothes hygienically. It has LED  digital display and 90 degree sterilize wash. It has 1000 revolution per minute for better drying efficiency. It has big door with luxurious look which provide super space for heavy load washing and it is convenient for washing large clothes. It provides fast and quick wash in 15 minutes.

6. Electrolux fully automatic front load washing machine- it has 2 years standard warranty and 10 years warranty on inverter motor. This washing machine not only cleans your clothes but also finishes the wash cycle with a soft spray of vapour at 40 degree Celsius that removes up to 99.9% of allergens and germs. It will complete your laundry without disturbing anyone at any time. It also reduces vibration to reduce the noise and saves up to 50% lower energy consumption as compared to traditional washing machines. It has quick 15 wash cycles The 15 minute washing cycle is suitable for small number of clothes. You can also adapt a regular full load, set to  the full wash 60 cycle an ideal one hour program. It has extra large door which helps to easily load and unload the bulky or family sized laundry.

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