Lifestyle habits you can adopt for healthy kidneys


The kidney is the body organ that performs the majority of essential bodily activities. The kidneys will aid in the body’s removal of extra fluid, waste, and poisons. Also, it will support the body’s absorption of minerals, salts, and water in a balanced manner. You will undoubtedly suffer negative effects if your kidneys are diseased. There are some lifestyle adjustments we must make in order to maintain a good work-life balance. Let’s talk about the actions you can take to maintain healthy kidneys.

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1. Fluids intake- One of the healthiest habits you can adopt to keep your body healthy and your life in balance is staying hydrated. If you drink more fluids, your kidneys will be better able to eliminate toxins and perform at their peak potential. By just drinking enough water and detox drinks, you may prevent a great deal of problems with how your body functions.

2. Less salt intake- Adding more salt to your diet will complicate your body’s functions. More salt consumption might injure kidneys, especially if you already have a blood pressure problem. So, it is recommended to choose fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce your sodium intake.

3. Food choices- You have to avoid packed, processed food which is high in demand now a days it will have adverse effects on your body. Such foods are high in phosphorous levels and will have worst effect on your kidneys. You have to consume high fiber nutritious food made at home for better health of kidneys.

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4. Regular exercise- If you spend the entire day sedentary, this is the main factor endangering the health of your kidneys. Owing to the excessive workload, we avoid engaging in any physical activity. In order to keep your weight under control and prevent your kidneys from being overworked, you must engage in physical exercise.

5. Avoid alcohol consumption- excess of alcohol is bad for your kidney health. If you are drinking more than 4 glasses per day it will affect your kidneys very badly. Too much alcohol has bad effect on your kidneys and affects the blood filtration process.

6. Less consumption of sugar- too much sugar intake will increase the diabetes and obesity and will further damage your kidneys.

7. Excessive consumption of pain killers- if you are consuming pill s for headaches , back pains quite frequently without any prescription  it will affect your kidney badly you have to consult a doctor  for proper medication so overuse of painkillers might lead to kidney cancer.

If you are having kidney disease it is advised to do regular kidney screening. Following people may benefit from regular kidney screening

1. People above 60 years old.

2. Individuals who were born too light.

3. Having a cardiovascular condition.

4. Individuals with blood pressure problems.

5. Those who are obese.

6. Those who think they could have renal disease.

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