Popular Pickle brands available in India

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Even the slightest hint of pickle can suddenly improve bland meals! The majority of Indian pickles are created by combining many spices with oil to create their sour, spicy, and aromatic flavours. Pickles produced with vinegar, spices, and water are very popular, and many people enjoy them. Many Indian households have a yearly tradition of making pickles, and everyone patiently awaits its completion. Lets discuss the best brands available in India.

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1. Nilons- Nilon’s, one of the top manufacturers of processed foods in India, was founded in 1962 and makes pickles, tooty-fruity, and roasted vermicelli. With its corporate office in Pune, the company exports its goods to numerous nations in Asia, Australia, and Canada. It is a treat to the taste senses thanks to the ample amount of lime chunks, fenugreek, salt, and other components. When eaten in moderation, this pickle is a wonderful source of vitamin K and B12, both of which aid in better digestion.This Nilon’s pickle is available in a variety of package sizes, ranging from a Rs. 1 packet to a 1 kilogramme jar.

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2. Mothers Recipe- A brand of processed meals called Mother’s Recipe was established in 2002 and has its corporate office in Pune. The company sells various foods such papadam, pickles, mango pulp, spices, and culinary pastes. It is owned by Desai Foods Private Limited, a business with an ISO certification that exports its goods to about 12 different nations. Mother’s Recipe is a fantastic brand that offers the authentic flavours of Indian cuisine all over the world. Fresh carrots, lemons, raw mangoes, and chillies are included, as well as brine, spices, and toppings.This pickle is all-natural and free of artificial colours and preservatives, which are bad for your health.It is a pickle that was made naturally and is rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamin K.

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3. Aamra- Aamara, a company run by Jaya Bajaj and owned by Nari Shakti Kendra, was established in 2017 with the intention of giving people access to traditional pickles and genuine hand-ground masalas. Aamra is essentially mango that has been sliced up and sold on the streets of Kolkata with a dash of spices. By providing them with work prospects, the business first began to empower women, and since then, there has been no looking back. It is made by hand from all-natural ingredients and has the ideal ratio of spices and tang for cuisine.The pickle is ideal for presenting with any Indian dishes because it is created with freshly sliced mangoes, red chillies, and heeng.This classic Indian side dish is packaged in clay jars, or Barnis, to preserve it and make it simple to store and consume.

4. Tops-One of India’s most well-known manufacturers of processed meals is Tops. Mr. B. M. Seth created the company in 1984, and its main office was in New Delhi. Under this name, you may find excellent jams, pickles, cake mixes, fast meals, cereals, ketchup, and custard mixes. This brand is popular not only in India but also in 25 other nations around the world. It is a really healthy pickle because it is created with top-notch fresh veggies including turnips, carrots, and cauliflower. The pickle’s vegetables are prepared by being mixed with mustard oil, sugar, and flavorful spices.It is a pickle that is free of trans fats, harmful preservatives, and artificial colours.

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5. Add me foods- VPS Foods Limited, which was founded in 1975, is the owner of Addme Foods. The company sells pickles, chutneys, sauces, sauce packets, and murabbas. It is renowned for generating the highest-quality natural and organic foods that adhere to rigid quality standards to provide you with the greatest food products available. It has a distinctive flavour that complements all cuisines because it is produced with premium jackfruit and a blend of spices and oils. Jackfruit is an excellent option for both vegans and non-vegetarians because it has a slightly meat-like feel.T his pickle has excellent health advantages, is moderately spicy, and is full of flavour.

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