Process to Move Photos from iPhone to USB Flash Drive


Even if your iPhone contains priceless memories captured in photos and videos, these devices eventually run out of storage. You could also save them to a flash device for future use. However, not everyone is aware of the exact procedure.

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Flash storage simplifies file storage, eliminating the need for time-consuming procedures. There are also several approaches you can take.

Because of the popularity of Apple products and advancements in USB technology, flash drive manufacturers began producing USB storage devices for smartphones, many of which are compatible with iPhones. Many of these products offer enough storage for thousands of photos.

However, you cannot send images from other sources using the iPhone’s Photos app because it only allows you to send photos taken with the camera directly to your Mac. Despite this, the process outlined below is simple and effective.

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Process to transfer pictures from an iphone to a usb flash drive

Connect your iPhone to the Mac via a cable.

Wait for the Photos app to run, or start it yourself.

Select the images that you want to transfer to the flash device.

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Select ‘Import’ from the menu

Wait for the iPhone to Mac transition.

Connect with the flash device.

Locate the images you just uploaded.

Copies of the images should be pasted into the drive

The more photos there are, the longer the import and copying procedures will take, depending on the speed of the flash drive.

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