Step by Step Process to link your Adhaar with Ration card

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The ration card, which is the country’s oldest form of residency documentation, may be linked to an Aadhar number to qualify for a number of benefits and help guard against fraud. Both online and offline methods may be used to link an Aadhaar card to a Ration card.

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Documents required

1. Aadhaar photocopies of all the family members.

2. Aadhaar photocopy of family head.

3.  Ration card photocopy with original one for verification.

4. Bank passbook copy if bank is not linked to aadhaar card.

5.  A passport size photograph of head of the family.

Lets discuss the step by step process of linking aadhaar with ration card and online.

Offline process of linking  Aadhaar card  with ration card

1. Take all the necessary paperwork to the PDS or ration store that is nearby.

2. Deliver all required paperwork to the PDS/Ration store.

3. The PDS/Ration store employee may ask for fingerprint authentication to confirm the validity of your Aadhaar card.

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4. Once the papers have been submitted and the procedure has started, you will be informed through SMS.

5. You will get a second SMS letting you know that your Ration card and Aadhaar card have been successfully connected.

The family head’s passport-sized photo, copies of the original ration cards for the verification process, copies of the bank passbook, and an Aadhaar card photocopy for each member of the family should be brought with you. If the Aadhaar card is not linked to a bank account, you should also bring copies of the original ration cards.

Online process of linking  Aadhaar card  with ration card

1. Go to Public distribution system (PDS) portal.

2. Choose the option to connect your Aadhaar to your current cards.

3. Enter the Ration Card number first, then the Aadhaar Card number.

4. fill your registered mobile number.

5.  Press continue/ submit option.

6.  One OTp will be sent to your mobile number.

7.  enter the OTP on adhaar ration link page and the request will be sent.

8. when the process will be completed you will receive a Sms notification

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Advantages of Linking Aadhaar with Ration card

1. The number of fraudulent instances will decline as a result of linking these cards.

2. A single household is stripped of several duplicate Ration cards.

3. The use of fingerprint authentication will allow for the identification of legitimate beneficiaries.

4. To make sure that the benefits are given to the deserving, eliminate bogus ration card holders who are claiming the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families’ benefits.

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