Top Xiaomi mobiles available  in India


There are several price points for the top Mi mobile phones in India. You can choose any gadget based on your needs, from expensive models to inexpensive ones. The smartphones made by Xiaomi are a beautiful combination of powerful features. You could become overwhelmed by the variety of alternatives available when shopping for the top Mi mobile phones in India.…

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The Future of 5G: Charting the uncharted terrains of 5G technology


The mobile network users loved 4G network for its fast connections and speed data access. Another upgrade to 4G has set foot inside several countries of the globe. The 5G technology is designed to deliver faster speeds and so much more. You get to download your favorite HD movie within seconds which takes more than 10 minutes over the 4G…

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Jio 5G – Launch date, SIM Price, Mobile Devices & Latest News


Earlier in the month of September 2016, Reliance Jio launched its 4G LTE Technology and made a revolution in terms of the high-speed internet. Now, they are planning to launch their even better 5G network. It has also been reported that they are going to launch 5G service with 3.5 GHz or 3500 MHz frequency band for every customer. In…

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