The Future of 5G: Charting the uncharted terrains of 5G technology


The mobile network users loved 4G network for its fast connections and speed data access. Another upgrade to 4G has set foot inside several countries of the globe. The 5G technology is designed to deliver faster speeds and so much more. You get to download your favorite HD movie within seconds which takes more than 10 minutes over the 4G service. Apart from that, introduction of the 5G technology in the current market is all set to boost the telecom industries as well as the IoT, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles as well as new technologies in vision by the scientists.

Here is what you should know about the 5G technology.

1-Ultrafast Speed:

Yes, it is obvious that it must be faster than the 4G but it is important to know that the rate of difference between speeds is too vast. It is like a super upgrade to the 4G technology. It is also faster than you home broadband connection. Fastest download speed by 4G is about 19.42 Mbps while the latest Snapdragon X50 has speed up to a whopping 5GB per seconds. It is about 257 times the speed of 4G.

2-Better Capacity:

Due to larger number of users and limited capacity in the 4G network, there is often a drop in the speed or total halt in the connection. This is especially true for nations with humongous population. Now, 5G comes as good news for all these heavily populated nations. It comes with higher capacity to avoid any kind of communication error. The extremely low rate for latency in the 5G networks allows the devices to connect at a faster speed which wasn’t possible with 4G.

3-5G isn’t cheap:

After all these benefits, the only downside of 5G is its price tag. As per sources, the unlimited plans for 5G data could be set as high as $30. However, the similar case was seen with 4G with a high price tag which lowered down with time and users can expect the same for 5G as well.

4-5G is more than just phones:

5G isn’t just designed for mobile device users. It can essentially be used for car-based technologies for easy communication using latest technology like self-driving vehicles. 5G can also be a part of wearables, PCs, VR headsets, AI assistants and many others. Users will also see a drastic change in the video call quality with no lag or distortion.

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