Top sewing machines for home available in India


Sewing machines are an essential household appliance. If you love to sew clothes at home it will help you to create fashionable dresses, Kutras, Blouses and more with the help of it.  Today sewing machines are having so many new features like light lamp, thread cutter and accessories. They are so portable you can easily carry them from one place to another in case of any requirement. Top sewing machines you can buy in the range of 7000 to rs 30000 which includes all range slight affordable to premium ones. Let’s discuss best brands available for sewing machine.

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 Best Sewing machines available in the market

1.  Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine – Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine by Usha Janome – This sewing machine has a small free arm and an automated zig-zag stitch. It contains a dial-style stitch pattern selection and a manual thread tension control. It includes seven applications, including lace fixing, quilting, smocking, and rolling hemming, and it has seven built-in stitches and 14 stitch actions, including four step buttons holing. It sews at a pace of 550 SPM and includes a triple stitch length control. A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is included.

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2. Akiara Mini Sewing Machine- A sewing machine comes in a special mini size designed fit in wardrobes and easy to carry during the travel. It comes with built in thread cutter, built in lamp and cuff slot. It’s easy to  rewind the Bobbins on the winding pole. Classic stitch –line stitch type for primary sewing for beginner. It has 2 speed controls for convenient stitching. It works both on battery as well as electricity.

3. Singer promise Automatic electric sewing machine- It includes built-in stitches and a 750SPm stitching speed. You may choose the stitch you wish to sew by simply turning the simple stitch selection dial. It is typically used to secure a seam at the start and finish to stop it from unravelling. It may sew stitches backwards. Long-lasting durability is provided by the sturdy metal frame. It includes snap-on pressure feet that are simple to take off and put back on as needed for a variety of stitching styles. It has an LED light that lights the stitching area so you can see clearly and brightly. Singer is number one brand in the world with a legacy of 170 years in producing sewing machines.

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4. CHILLAXPLUS sewing machine for home- This sewing machine may use batteries with an AC/DC power supply. This portable sewing machine is the best sewing machine for the house and is the simplest small silai machine to operate with a foot pedal switch. Either batteries or a DC adaptor can be used to power it. The speed may be adjusted from high to low depending on your needs.

5. KPCB tech sewing machine- this sewing machine is an elaborate and mini size sewing machine. The advanced and high cost machines are more elaborate on manufacturing. It is equipped with large extension table which makes it more convenient to work on large projects. And also keep the mini machine more stable during sewing.  It has special cuff slot is designed for sleeves and trouser legs sewing.  It is equipped with built in light to provide adequate light source during sewing. It has double thread stitching which makes it easy to finish sewing without knotting. It has low/ High speed button for selection to keep safe and powerful.

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