Try out these best jams for a yummy breakfast


Every morning starts with a healthy and nutritious breakfast and bread with a spoon full of colorful and rich jam is one of the favorite breakfast for your children. Jams are packed with the goodness of fruits and healthy and yummy option for the breakfast. Let’s discuss the best quality jams available in the market.

There are different kinds of variants available in the market for jams they can be made up with the fruit extracts like mixed fruits, Pine apple or ant single fruit so you have to pick the best one according to your taste and preference. You have to check the sugar level in the jam it should not be too much or too less.

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Best Jam brands you can pick for your daily use

1. Kissan mixed fruit jam- kisan mixed fruit jam is made up with 100% real fruit ingredients and best in taste and is very easy to spread over the various breads and make your morning breakfast a healthy and yummy meal of the day. You can enjoy this jam with Roti prantha and bread for a wholesome and delicious breakfast. It can be spread easily with the help of a spoon and knife. It is very carefully sealed in impermeable glass packaging to t retain the best flavour and taste of the product. Kisan is a popular brand in India which is started in 1934  it is all about kids eating happily and growing up happily.

2. Mala’s Mixed fruit jams- malas is a brand which is providing quality jams since 1958. Today the company boasts of 800 tonnes of jams production alone.  This jam is made in hilly country side where the berries are grown in our backyard to be processed in to fresh and wonderful jam which are bottled with love  this jam is pure with quality rich fruit content which adds natural sweetness ,freshness and are more delicious.  It is a hearty delightful fruit jam for fruit lovers.

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3. Natureland Organics Mix fruit Jam- Natureland organics brings you the quality jams with an original taste of traditional fresh fruit jams with traditional jam making and preserving techniques with natural, real fruits , unadulterated ingredients with earthy recipes  the taste of the jams are sometimes savor with full of aroma and pure and awesome quality.

4. Lion Mixed fruit jam –Lion Dates Mixed fruit jam is a medley of your favourite fruits blended together to give you a delicious spread to savour with bread rotis and much more. This jam is cholesterol free and low in fat and it is mostly made out with fruits it will aids people in constipation.  The pectin in jam also aids in the reduction of blood pressure and the formation of red blood cells in the body.

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5. Tops Mixed fruit Exotic jam- if you love to eat jams you must try mixed fruit jams of Tops. It is the most loved and best mixed fruit jams available in the market this mixed fruit jam is a blend of 9 different fruits  it has 48% mixed fruit pulp and added sugar to the right proportion it is easily spread with spoon and knife

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