Vastu Shastra tips for a temple at home


The temple at home is a hallowed spot where we worship God. Along these lines, usually, it must be a specific and serene spot. The temple territory, when put by Vastu Shastra, can bring wellbeing, thriving and joy to the house and its inhabitants. Even though a different puja room would be perfect, this isn’t constantly conceivable in metropolitan urban areas, where there is space crunch.

By what means should temple at home be built according to Vastu

With regards to developing the temple, don’t put it straightforwardly on the floor. Instead, keep it on a raised stage or platform, exhorts Parmar. “The temple ought to be made of marble or wood. Evade temple made using glass or acrylic.  Guarantee that you don’t have numerous icons of a similar God or Goddess, either in a seating or standing position in the temple. The icon or photographs put in the temple, ought not to be split or harmed, as it considered is foreboding,” proposes Parmar.

One ought to have the capacity to perform poojas, wherever the temple is kept. Amid different poojas, the whole family will, in general, supplicate together. Consequently, they guarantee that there is sufficient space for the family to take a seat and implore. The temple zone ought to have a great and sound stream of vitality. In this way, keep it flawless and clean, without residue or webs and abstain from stuffing the space with an excessive number of extras. Most importantly, the temple should give you a sentiment of peacefulness and tranquillity.

Rules and regulations for designing a sanctuary at home

  • The light or diya, ought to be put on the right side of the individual playing out a pooja.
  • Beautify the temple with fresh blooms. Light a couple of fragrance candles, dhoop or incense sticks, to purify the territory and make a heavenly feeling.
  • Photos of the dead/predecessors, ought not to be kept in the temple.
  • Make a little rack close to the temple, to put the incense, puja materials and holy books.
  • Guarantee that there are electric focuses close to the temple so that one can illuminate the sanctuary amid bubbly days.
  • Abstain from keeping unnecessary things underneath the temple or dustbins here.
  • A few people keep the temple in the room or kitchen. In such cases, balance a drapery before the sanctuary, when you are not utilising the temple.
  • Temple ought not to be against a divider that has a bathroom behind it. It ought to likewise not be put beneath a bathroom on the upper floor.
  • For the temple space, utilise white, beige, lavender or light yellow hues.
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  1. Sharma S K

    Nice tips being informative and educative too to some extenat.
    However: .
    Home Temple /Pooja space need to be elobrated bit more keeping inview the sace crunch in cosmopolitan cities
    Better a small Sample Home Temple be displayed for interest and follow up by the interested ones in general and for encouragement of youngers ones & youths in particular

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