Vastu shastra- Tips to follow for the interior decoration of house

vastu interiors

Vastu shastra tips are also essential for the interior decoration of completed house. Some people has opinion that vastu shaster is applicable on the construction and design of property. But it is not true. If you are ignoring the  vastu shastra norms of interior designing then also it will have a negative effect  on the overall vastu of your property.

We know that it is not possible always to decorate the house according to vastu so we can apply small changes with the colours and furniture of the house to make it compatible according to vastu norms. You can consult a vastu expert while planning for the interior of the house.

Some experts suggest that we can make changes in the interior design of  like colouring of the wall positioning of furniture, entrance of the house some points of consideration while doing interiors are.

1. Always avoid black colour furniture for the house.

2. Always study or read /Study in east facing direction.

3. Sleep in any direction except north.

4. Always avoid using dim lights in your house.

5. Always keep the north east position of the house clean

7. Entrance of the house should be in the east. As sun rises in the east and it attracts positivity in the house.

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