Vastu Tips for the New Year to get success

Vastu 2023

The new year comes with new opportunities, new endeavors and developing new resolutions and commitments. Just check what you have learned from the past years and when you move to the New Year, welcome it with joy and confidence. Some people feel that the New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start with any changes and they would like to find a way to enhance each and every area of their lives.

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The start of a new year is being embraced by millions of people as an opportunity for a new beginning and routines. Prepare your new year’s resolutions first, and then think about incorporating vastu shastra concepts.

Just look back at the major and minor successes you have and recap all the happy moments with the heartbreaking ones, rejoice about all the far and close relationships you have formed during the journey of life because these will be the foundation of your dreams and aspirations of the New Year. You have to energize your soul as there is beauty inside every person and we have to maintain this beauty inside as if we are happy we can take the responsibility and make the strong foundation of our goals.

You can do the cleansing of your home by following the decluttering and getting out all the things which are useless and clogging the energy of your home. You can do restoring by finding the area of your house which is dark or dingy and finding each piece of equipment which is not working and get it repaired. You have to illuminate the areas of your home which are dark or gloomy and resolve all the family issues which have been left pending for a long time.

Remove the webs created at your house and negativity from your house. Keep all the watches and clocks in functioning condition. You must repair the leaky taps immediately and clear up the choked drains and declogged them. Keep your kitchen tidy and the gas burners unblocked and always clean. Keep your brooms hidden and out of sight.

You can add beauty to the front of your house with torans and decorate it beautifully. You can buy a new plant and display auspicious symbols in the living room. You can add pieces of artifacts and lampshades at your living room. You have to place your family photographs in the east and hang a wind chime in the north to get your career flowing, always place things in pairs in a southwest direction like a photo of you and your mate or two pictures hanging side by side. Place a lucky jade tree in the southeast as a symbolic money tree. You can also place awards and achievements here. You can hang your college diploma and degree in the northeast. You can place heavenly symbols in the northwest.

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Always put your shoes outside your house and honor the sacred space. Make a fixed space for your car keys and put your toilet seats down and bathroom doors closed.

Leave your work stress just outside your front door and create an entrance which will fill your senses with beauty like fragrant flowers, beautiful art and soft and calm music.

If you need financial stability keep your northeast clean, light and clutter free, if you have an underground source of water in the northeast, a lot of prosperity for the household will be there. You can place an aquarium in the northeast of the house.

The master of the house should have his bedroom on the southwest or south side of the home. It will be quite helpful for maintaining authority and a balanced outlook.

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Welcome the New Year with joy and fun. You can light candles and burn incense, especially in the dark corners of the house, and if you are not a person who likes parties, you can plan a family dinner with dance and drinks. Always dream about the best life ahead in the future and let the dreams survive and work hard to make your dreams into reality. There is enough in the universe for everybody, so just believe in your dreams and make them a reality and wish you a year filled with joy, happiness, love and full of abundance.

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