10 best Gifts you can give your loved one this Dusshera


Dusshera is the most awaited festival of 2022 in North Indian states and Karnataka. and the term vijayadashami is popular in west Bengal. It is the most loved and famous festive season as famous ramlila is enacted magnificent fairs are organized. It mainly falls on the tenth day of sharada navratri. This  year it is celebrated on October 5 .People wear new clothes makes mouth watering dishes at home and give memorable gift to each other. Lets discuss some handpicked ideas of gifting your loved ones on upcoming dussehra festival

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1. Personalized T shirt- personalized t shirts are unique gifts you can wear on any occasion. If you will wear personalized t shirt on dusshera it will enhance the glory of celebration. We can choose any colour T-shirt and can customize it with text, image, and slogan. These personalized t shirts you can easily buy online. The cost of the final product is based on the design. Color and fabric of the product.

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2. Personalized face mask- we should take care of our health and safety measures during the festival time. Several fancy and personalized face masks are available now and become a status symbol or fashion symbol now. You can choose beautiful face mask online and gift it during the dussehra festival to your loved one. This will show the care and concern for them in your mind these face masks are of premium quality and in budget also. You can buy them starting from a range of 150 Rs only.

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3. Cushions- Cushions are yet again best dussehra personalized Gift. You can print your memorable events on the cushion.  These kind of gifts price varies from Rs 260 to 2000 as per size and configuration. It will create a memory in home and makes the receiver of the gift happy and contented.

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4. Fruit basket- Fruit basket are best gift to give your loved ones.  Fruit baskets are easily available online and offline as well some fruit baskets are available in combo packs with dried fruits or crackers or chocolates.  It is a symbol of best wishes with health and prosperity.

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5. Chocolates- chocolates are the best gift for every occasion whether it is birthday celebration festival celebration or party time. It represents passion, love , friendship, and care.  Chocolates are one of the best present for the occasion like dussehra. Kids loved chocolates very much. There is a huge variety of chocolates available in the market like rose and mint, fruit n nut, blueberry, Roasted almond and strawberry. You can even buy it online or offline the good quality chocolate hampers will cost you around Rs 500

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6. Gold Coin-Giving Gold Items as a gift is considered to be auspicious on the day of dussehra. You can gift gold coin of 5 Gram gold with your favorite idols printed on it. These coins will cost you around 20000 rs and gives you 24Kt Purity. This is the best gift to give on the occasion of dussehra. The entire family will admire

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