All You need to know about esim and process to activate esim  Jio On iPhone 14, iPhone 13 And Older iPhones


Apple has taken a big step in smartphone world by eliminating the sim card slotin Us model of Iphone 14 series . In india iphone 14 users will get the sim card slot. Apple has already launched the concept of e sim support in 2018 with the launch of Apple watch 3 LTE. It will  further extended to iphones as well and users will get one physical sim card option and another esim option to avail the dual sim option.

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e sim Meaning

E sim stands for Embedded subscriber identity module. It is embedded in the device and is basically a virtual sim card which is simply activated on supported device. Concept of esim is little bit similar to internal memory of your smartphone. You cant take out the internal memory but you can save data on it. The conceopt of esim the sunscriber identity module or sim card data is digitally transferred or activated by operators of jio airtel or vi

It has nothing to do with providing better internet speeds or cellular is just a digital copy of your sim card.  You can both have esim and physical sim at the same mobile number. When your e sim gets activated your physical sim card stops working. You can share the same esim with a smartphone and a paired smartwatch. For example  esim can be activated on the same number on the iphone and Apple watch LTE Models.

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Disadvantages of esim

1. if you will use the esim you will lose the physical control of your sim card.

2.  if you will struck somewhere with the phone you cannot take out your sim card and put it on new phone for using it.

3. if your phone stopped working you cant get your sim out of the phone and put it on another phone as a stopgap arrangement.

4. if you are travelling abroad you will be able to swap with a local sim card instantly after you arrive at the airport of foreign country. Minor things should be sorted out

Advantages of e sim

The major advantage of esim is that in any case your phone gets stolen then someone else will not be able to insert their sim card  and own your device.

Procedure to  Activate Jio Esim on Iphone 14, Iphone 13 and older iphones

Jio esim will be supported on Iphoen14 series and it already works on iphone 13 series along with iphone 13 and lots of prior iphones

1. If you want to apply for esim first you make sure that your phone runs IOS 12.1 or above.

2. Go to settings and click on general and click on about which show EID and IMEI number will note it down somewhere this number

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3. Now SMS GETESIM from the device that needs e sim activation followed by EID and IMEI number to 199

4. when you will do this get a 19 digit e sim number and e sim profile configuration details along with notification who will tell you to configure the profile.

5. Now SMS SIMCHG to 199 with a 19 digit esim.

6. after 2 hours  you will receive the update that you will have to confirm By SMS sing ‘1’ to 183

7. you will have one automated call which will ask your 19 digit e sim number once you will confirm that you will receive sms for the same

8. if you have received notification to configure the profile click on it and install data plan and tap on continue.

9. if there will be no notification  go to settings and tap on jio data plan ready to installed and press continue and now your jio e sim be activated.

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