Are you a beginner in Meditation Avoid these mistakes to get best result


Meditation is considered as a type of mind and body relaxing therapy. It provides you a deep state of relaxation and free mind time. It is a practice which connects the mind and the body and main purpose of mediation is to increase both the physical and mental peace and calm. You can do meditation properly with consistent efforts and discipline. Just don’t take too much stress about the right technique in beginning or want the immediate results from meditation are some mistakes which newbie in meditation make. So let’s discuss some mistakes you have to avoid while you just started doing meditation.

1. Stress of Proper Method- There are many kinds of meditation available which give you different results like calmness, peace, concentration. And some concentrate on just sitting and without thinking anything in mind or without anything to achieve. There is not any fixed technique of doing that. You have made high expectations from your meditation session and want to do it perfectly this stress to achieve success in meditating first time is the biggest mistake you have to avoid.

2. Seeks immediate results- All of us know that there will be need of time to have best result in any work. Don’t ever do this mistake that you want immediate results. Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Calm your mind– mediation is all about focusing your mind and calms all the thoughts. It is basically a mental exercise of the brain. We can have good results by constant discipline and concentration. Just focus on staying calm during meditation and forget about all the worries and tensions.

4 Practicing whole day– meditation gives proper result if you are doing it daily on a fixed time. You want to be perfect in meditation and keep on practicing whole day is the biggest mistake you are doing.

5. Control your thoughts– we have to calm your thoughts and practice on relaxing and focusing of the mind. What we do we just want to get rid of all the thoughts. By doing so it would energise our mind and more thoughts are coming inside the brain and we get distracted by them instead of getting rid of the thoughts just concentrate your mind on some scenic natural views you like this will automatically calm your mind.

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