Best Antivirus you can install in your PC to stay protected


Antivirus is so much important for your PC to stay protected as whenever you connect your PC to the internet someone or something is waiting to steal your confidential data and hack in to your computer. This confidential data could be anything like email password to online banking details.  So you have to kepp your password protected from cyber threats. Whether you are an apple user or Microsoft user you have to install a best antivirus in to your PC. Lets discuss best antivirus available in the market which are best for the safety of your PC.

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Best antivirus available in India to protect your PC

1. Bitdefinder Antivirus – it is a total security solution which protects your data and device completely. With no data loss and no needless alerts. It is built with cutting edge technology and having a user friendly interface which offer the great security from all the existing and upcoming threats. It is recognized as a cyber security leader by independent testing organizations, industry analyst firms and media outlets. It is a great antivirus, anti spyware, anti phishing, secure browsing , fast and secure payments , password wallet . this provides multi layer ransomware protection two way firewall and privacy advisor.  This software work on devices with India IP Addresses only. The maximum subscription period will be only up to 5 years.

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2. Norton 360 anti virus- it is the favourite Norton 360 is the favourite antivirus in 2023. It is a powerful malware engine with a wide range of intrenet security tools an intuitive online dashboard and good customer support for all better price than most competitors . it doesnot have a free version and its paid editions are standard and deluxe. It provides anti malware protection it protects against computer viruses, spam,  social dangers , phishing, identify theft and other online born threats . it has cloud backup and blocks phishing attempts.

3. Kaspersky total security- With best-in-class defense against hackers, viruses, and malware, payment protection, and privacy technologies that safeguard you from all sides, it will give you an unequalled sense of security. Including deluxe attributes. It offers a free VPN with a daily bandwidth cap of 300 Mb. Our three-layer security system protects your devices and data around-the-clock. It stops common and sophisticated threats including viruses, malware, ransom ware, spy applications, and all the most recent hacker ploys.

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4. Mc free total protection- It is an award-winning antivirus that offers comprehensive privacy and data protection so you can enjoy life online. This protection includes premium antivirus, secure surfing, and identity monitoring. Your identification can be detected more quickly and broadly. It has a protection score and safety advice. All of your devices are protected by a basic set of measures.

5. Quick heal total security- It includes powerful tools that guard against malware without sacrificing speed for the PC and data. It includes client features for managing antivirus software remotely, tracking your stolen computer, and more. To protect the privacy of your browser history, it will prevent tracking of your digital footprint. It will limit unwanted access to USB ports and stop data theft. It will block objectionable websites and applications for your kids and provide a secure surfing environment.

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