How you will change airtel prepaid to postpaid connection


When a consumer wishes to switch from an Airtel prepaid connection to a postpaid connection, Airtel offers a convenient solution. Simply go to the Airtel website and search for the finest prepaid plan that meets your needs. You will be required to pay a security deposit for the conversion in the amount of rs 250. Read More : Top Pedestal…

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Beware from Online Payment frauds while doing Digital Transactions

Online payment Fraud (1)

Digital transactions are increasing day by day and as the digital transactions take over we are increasingly seeing more online frauds. If we look at the number of rising cases of frauds it will increase many folds The most common frauds through digital transactions are through UPI, IMPS and PPI Transactions. People are facing frauds while due to security issues…

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Process of creating UAN number online

UAN (universal Account number) is necessary for EPFO Account. Our EPFO allows company employees that they can generate their UAN number. We can easily generate it through its portal. Any individual can create his UAN number online through the portal. we can  check our online provident fund once we have 12 digit UAN number ready with us. We can easily…

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