Drinks from Korea That Help You Lose Weight


Are you frustrated because after doing everything necessary to lose weight, no progress has been made? Healthful eating, exercise, and portion management are all behaviors that help people reduce excess weight. But for other people, losing weight is still a fantasy even after making a healthy lifestyle change. Korean weight reduction treatments are renowned for their simple methods and efficiency in assisting with weight loss. Here is a list of several Korean beverages that are good for you and can help you lose weight in a healthy way

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Korean Drinks for Losing Weight

1. Boricha (barley tea)- Boricha, also known as barley tea in Korea, is a caffeine-free beverage that can be consumed hot or cold. It is prepared from roasted barley grains and has amazing health benefits. Although it has a slight bitter taste, it is well recognized to be a successful treatment for diarrhoea, lethargy, and weight loss.

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2. Tea (Nokcha) – Green Tea- Nokcha, a combination of green tea and toasted brown rice, is popular in Korea. It is produced by combining green tea leaves with brown rice to create a nutritious beverage. This beverage is incredibly healthy since it includes antioxidants that support the body’s cleansing process and weight loss.

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3. Tea with ginger (Saeng Gangcha)- Saeng Gangcha, a traditional Korean ginger tea, is brewed with ginger and nuts like jujube and almonds. This healthful beverage includes antioxidants that purify the body and is well renowned for easing cold and flu symptoms.

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4. Yeonip Cha, or Lotus Leaf Tea- Yeonip Cha is a Korean wild herbal tea that is made from white lotus blossoms. This tea furthermore has calcium, potassium, and vitamin B, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can facilitate sleep and aid blood purification. This tea is very high in flavonoids and vitamin C.

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5. Rose (Gul-Cha) tea- Another healthy and effective Korean beverage for weight reduction is gul-cha, or rose tea, which you may include in your diet. The finest saffron and rose petals have been mixed to create a royal chai. Flavonoids and vitamin C, which boost the immune system and improve general health, are abundant in this Korean beverage.

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