Great Places for shopping in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is most famous for the first planned urban city of India.  It has many residential areas which are neatly organized in sectors and with superb shopping destinations built in to them. The shopping in Chandigarh is almost a very delightful experience as people here are having high income and they are fond of Punjabi culture and fashion and other goods. Shopping places in Chandigarh are open for all the people and having all types of variety that can be afforded by different types of people falls in different income cycle since there are many reasonably priced  stores including street shopping markets are available. Let’s discuss the great places for shopping in Chandigarh.

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Popular places for shopping in Chandigarh

1. Palika Bazar Chandigarh ( Sector-19D)- it is a famous tourist attraction market.  This market is closed on Sundays and Monday to Saturday it opens at 11:00 am and closes at 8:30 Pm. you can buy trendy fashionable clothes here it is most famous for its collection of clothing. You can have everything like clothes, toys , gifts, footwear and food products at reasonable prices.  You can also try famous Punjabi cuisines here when your shopping is done in this market.

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2. Shastri market, Chandigarh (Sector-22) – it is one of the oldest markets of Chandigarh. It has a great variety of phulkari, cotton salwar suits, Panjabi jutis, and beautiful jewellery. It is quite popular among the young generation and you can spot them here buying for the new stuff regularly. This market is closed on Monday and from Tuesday to Sunday it opens on 10: 30 am and closed at 10:00 PM.

3. Shopping Plaza Chandigarh (Sector-17)- sector 17 is the best place for shopping in Chandigarh. It is well known among the residents s well as the tourists.  This lively shopping complex is designed with fountains and sculptures. You can find great variety in the shops as well as the flea market style pedestrian shops. . It is open all days showrooms might be closed on Sundays.

4. Rehri market Chandigarh-(Sector- 15)- it has the amazing location which is conveniently located in sector 15  this street market is affordable for each income group. It offers variety of goods like shoes, ornaments and other necessary household things. It is also called as the shopper’s paradise as you can even score dupes of your favorite brands and designers here at ¼ th of the original price. If you people want to revamp your wardrobe or are in a mood to shop you can visit this market.

5. Sadar bazaar, Chandigarh- (Sector 19)- so many cities are having sadar bazaar Chandigarh sadar bazaar is famous shopping market in Chandigarh . it offers a huge variety of goods at reasonable prices and you can even bargain at this place for getting the product at the best price.

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6. Furniture market Chandigarh- (Sector-34) if you are looking for best furniture to buy in Chandigarh for home or office purpose.  You can visit furniture market Chandigarh. It offers wide range of pottery items and a huge collection of decorative pieces at very reasonable prices. it is one of the best market to buy quality furniture for your home at affordable prices. 

7. Patel Market Chandigarh-(Sector-15)-  Patel market of Chandigarh is quite near form university and colleges . So it is one of the favorite shopping destinations for students. It offers a wide variety of fashionable clothes, trendy bags and footwear and other accessories in quite affordable price. It is one of the most famous places to try street food in Chandigarh.

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