How to avoid damaging your eyes from sun and blue computer screen lighting

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Our eyes are the body part that experiences the most stress during the day. Constantly staring at computer and smartphone screens might seriously injure our eyes. High Energy Visible, often known as Blue Light, is the region of the visible light spectrum between 380 and 500 mm, and is what these computer lights emit. These shorter wave lengths carry the maximum energy and, These are the most detrimental to our eyes if exposed for an extended period of time. Digital eye strain, an elevated risk of retinal damage, and macular degeneration can all be brought on by these waves. Our sleep patterns may also be impacted by this.

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“Young persons under the age of 20 are more vulnerable to the negative effects of shorter wavelength light because their eyes have less protective pigment. Blue light can hurt eyes since it increases the danger for patients who have undergone cataract surgery, adds Dr. Sanduja, who also notes that digital eye strain results in headaches, neck and back pain, dry and itchy eyes, hazy vision, and difficulties focusing.

Additionally, blue light penetrates the eye deeper than other forms of light. This could exacerbate age-related macular degeneration and worsen eyesight.Overexposure to blue light at night might disrupt a person’s regular sleep pattern. Blue light has the potential to block the hormone melatonin, which aids in sleep. According to the doctor, the sun’s blue light during the daytime promotes the awake cycle.

Rules you should follow to protect your eyes

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1. Don’t forget to wear blue-light-blocking glasses: Particularly when working at night, these lenses will help relieve eye strain symptoms practically immediately. Over time, they lower the risk of macular degeneration while helping to restore our circadian rhythm and preserve our sleep cycle. Blue cut lenses absorb 10 to 90% of the blue light and prevent colour distortion, shielding our eyes from the detrimental effects of HEV Light but yet allowing the LEV light to pass through. This is advised for those who spend a lot of time indoors using digital gadgets like computers and smart phones.

2. Use the 20.20.20 principle: Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away from the screen and concentrate for 20 seconds on a faraway object.

3. Always wear sunglasses outside: those that both block UV radiation and visible light with a shorter wavelength. Since the sun is a significant source of blue light in the visible spectrum.

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4. Have yearly complete eye exams on a regular basis- This component of your eye health is unmatched. Make sure you have an eye exam at least once every year.

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