How to inculcate Good habits in your child


Good habits play an important role in leading a healthy life. Every parent wants to inculcate good habits in their child. Children always learn what they see in their house so you can teach them by setting an example. You have to motivate a child to learn good habits and show the reason to adopt good habits.

Learning good habits is a continue process. It can’t be achieved in a day. if you try to inculcate good habits in your child in a fun way will develop good habits soon. But after telling so many times if a child will not adopt good behavior avoid sharing negative comments, punishments and discouragement.

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 You have to take feedback of your child behaviour from the persons he/ she constantly in touch with like class teacher, friends. You can work on the weaker areas and try to get improvement by teaching them the importance of following good habits lets discuss the ways how you can easily develop good habits in a child.

1. Positive attitude- Always adopt a positive approach to everything in a child’s initial years. Teach them with love and care and if they are not taking the instructions fully don’t punish them. A child should be comfortable and safe in home. Repeat punishments will break their heart and kids will be uncomfortable at home. A positive, calm and nurturing and comfortable home environment improves parental vision. Always encourage cooperation and not competition. Don’t compare your child with others. Spend quality time with your kids. Encourage your kids to learn from their mistakes.

2. Don’t over expect from your child- Always make expectations which are realistic. If a child is doing any mistakes at any point don’t overreact. Children won’t be able to pick the correct things immediately and they can’t perform same at different levels. A parent should be aware of this. High expectations from your child can overburden him and it can be harmful for the child’s development and self image. So as a parent you should be patient and realistic.

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3. Praise and Reward your child- if a child is following good behaviour you should praise him and reward him. This will keep the child motivated and he will stick to the good behaviour. Make the rewards intangible like a warm hug, words of appreciation. In this way they will learn the importance of being praised and happiness in being appreciated rather than worldly pleasures.

4. Stay involved with the kids routine– you have to spend time with your kids and get involved in your child’s life. You have to know who their friends are and how they are doing at school. Always ask your child about his daily routine and treat him like your best buddy.

5. Set positive expectations- set positive expectations from your child and explain him that you want to see him successful in his life. Don’t over burden him and always praise the positive outcomes appreciate that they tried to get the work done whether he got success or not. Constantly motivate him to try his best and thanks almighty for the better life.

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