Qualities of a Best Dad which turns him the hero of his child life

best dad

A father’s involvement in a child’s development can influence their overall development. A best dad always shares responsibility with his spouse and contribute to the child growth, education and well being. What are the qualities of a good dad which turns him the hero of his kid’s life. Some important characteristics and parameters which helps you to become a good father.

1. Protective and affectionate- Best dad should be protective and affectionate. He teaches his kids about the consequences of making the wrong choices and protects him in every situation. He should be affectionate. If he is not so expressive but his affection is no less than a mothers’. Children can count on his father without any doubt.

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2. Trust and security- children always feel that fathers are right he will never lie to them he will provide all the comforts of life to them at any cost. Kids should have the trust that their fathers will help them at any point of time. This type of trust and feeling of security makes the fathers their real heroes of their life.

3. Source of inspiration- A best father always be a source of inspiration to his kids. He is involved with the kids whether it is a debate competition or a cricket match. A father is the happiest person if you succeed and will motivate you if you fail. He will support you in any circumstances. A best father can make his kids best human beings.

4. Patience- A good father has to be patient and takes out time to listen to their children. He always sees things from his kids prospective and provides attention to their feelings.

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5. Respects the mother of their children – A best father has great respect for his spouse. Children always learn what they see in their house and if they see their father respecting their mother they will do the same in their life. He honors her views and does not fight with her in front of the children. This will always sends the right message to kids for living in equality and respecting each other.

6. Spending time with kids- A good fathers should spend time with his kids. He plays with them makes their artwork easy and their homework enjoyable. He always talks to kids and discuss their problems in school or college. He provides them all the basic necessities of life. He is the head of the family and provides decent living to their children like home, food education, love, security and attention.

7. My Dad-My Real Hero- A father is your best teacher he will teach you how to control your emotions at different stages of life. How you can plan for your future and studies. Best dads are the real Heros of a Child’s life. You can be the hero of your child’s life if you involve and take interest in your child’s life. Always teach and live by the values of honesty and integrity.

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