Now you can easily remove or change your profile picture on Google ; Check How


Google is used everywhere in daily usage. From searching anything to Google pay we have so many functions which is part of our daily routine. A Google account is used in so many APPs. Our profile picture is visible in many such platforms such as hangout, Google meet. Gmail, drive etc.

Some people are comfortable in showing their profile picture. If our camera is off in Google meet then other people usually can see your profile picture. We have options like we can remove our profile picture or we can change it. Lets discuss the steps to follow to change or remove the photo.

By using Web

1. First of all open the on any browser  and first log in to your account.

2. Now click on the personal info option which is available on sidebar.

3. Now scroll down and now choose what others see section and and now tap on Go to about me.

4. now tap on the profile picture option .

5. if you want to remove the picture click on the remove button. To delete the profile picture.

6. now click on change and you can select a new profile image.

By using Android device

1. Go to settings and scroll down to the google option button.

2. Now click on manage your google account and click on personal info button.

3. Now scroll down here you have to go to about me  and click on profile picture option .

4. Now click on manage your profile picture option and press the remove button.

5. if you want to change the profile picture on android first of all you have to remove the image. And after that you can press the add a profile picture button to upload new picture.

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