Process to prevent access to certain YouTube channels’ content


YouTube now provides much more than just the ability to view and submit videos, transcending the concept of a simple video-sharing platform. But the concept of uploading video is still around, and as a result, everyone has the ability to publish whatever they want as long as they abide by Google’s terms and conditions. Read More : Popular IFB Washing…

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Now you can easily remove or change your profile picture on Google ; Check How


Google is used everywhere in daily usage. From searching anything to Google pay we have so many functions which is part of our daily routine. A Google account is used in so many APPs. Our profile picture is visible in many such platforms such as hangout, Google meet. Gmail, drive etc. Some people are comfortable in showing their profile picture.…

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Google may break advertising blockers with future Chrome change


A Google plan to enhance the Chrome web browser has triggered an explosion of concern that it’ll also cripple extensions designed to block ads, improve privacy and protect against security problems. Google’s proposed approach would torpedo ad blocker uBlock Origin, JavaScript software blocker NoScript, privacy and password manager Privowny, tracker blocker Ghostery and a malware blocker from F-Secure, according to…

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