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garment steamers

The days of having to visit a dry cleaner to guarantee that your beloved garments always looked brand new are long gone. The sophisticated equivalents of their conventional portable counterparts are garment steamers. With their outstanding features, the best garment steamers can remove stubborn creases, dewrinkle, and even get rid of bacteria and odours from your favourite formal attire. We have included the ones we adore and suggest to assist you find the best garment steamers for your formal attire.

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1. Inalsa Harment Vertical steamer- Bring this convenient garment steamer from Inalsa home to make sure your garments are always wrinkle-free. With its quick, even heating system, this garment steamer effortlessly glides over your favourite formal attire. This ironing solution uses 600 W and provides a strong continuous steam flow to effectively eliminate even the most difficult wrinkles. It is very easy to use and has a detachable fabric brush for thick garments.

2. Philips steamer- Use this Philips garment steamer to take the best possible care of your clothing. This garment steamer can handle embroidered, pleated, multi-layered, and other types of intricately made garments. This handheld gadget is a lightweight option with an ergonomic design. It has an adjustable double pole to hang the clothes. It provides powerful continuous steam which easily remove wrinkles from clothes.

3. Usha techne direct garment vertical steamer- When it comes to the best garment steamers, this USHA Techne Direct garment steamer is a dependable choice because to its ABS plastic construction and amazing features. It has a shock-proof plastic handle and a soleplate that is PTFE-coated and non-stick with a tubular element for secure ironing. An added benefit that makes it a suitable choice as an on-the-go ironing solution is the compact and lightweight design. It has an overheat auto shutoff feature for complete safety.

4. WisTec Garment steamer- WisTec’s garment steamer allows you to iron at both vertical and horizontal angles. It uses 1000 W and produces intense steam in just 40 seconds to remove even the most stubborn creases with expert results. On all types of fabrics, the stainless steel head plate functions effectively as an iron and a steamer. It is a portable garment steamer that can generate strong steam at a rate of 22 g per minute using 1500 W of power.

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5. AGARO Signify Handheld Garment Steamer- it is perfect for vertical and horizontal steaming on clothes, fabric, upholstery quickly and effciently for a fresh and crease free look. It confidently refreshes your difficult-to- iron clothes and hanging garments, retaining the pleats and cripsy look for a second wear. It is ideal for use on wide range of fabrics  like heavy embroidered garments and designer wear. It comes with large detachable 260 ml water tank and gives 15 minutes of continuous steam. It has 1 year warranty and consumes power of 1500W.

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6. Rossman Garment Steamer – Use this portable garment steamer from Rossman to give your garments a sharp, clean appearance. It has a special leak-proof system that keeps water from spilling while in use. This garment steamer allows you to iron your clothes both vertically and horizontally and heats up in just 25 seconds while using 1500 W. it can be used on drapery or curtains, bedding and toys  it has an automatic shut down system which gets activated when the steamer is highly heated.

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