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WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, enables users to communicate with other users via texting, calling, and sharing files, photos, and videos. In addition to its primary messaging capabilities, WhatsApp provides a number of security safeguards to safeguard user information and privacy.

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For Android users, WhatsApp recently released a voice status function that would let people publish their voice as their status. The business has previously made this capability available to iOS users, but it is now also available to Android users.

Android WhatsApp users now have the option to record a voice status in the app thanks to this update. Users will be able to share a voice note as a status update thanks to this capability. These voice notes can only be shared with the audience that has been specified in the user’s privacy settings.

Additionally, the voice memos provided as status updates will be completely encrypted. Only the contacts that users select within their privacy settings will be able to access them as a result. Voice notes posted via status will also vanish after 24 hours, just like pictures and videos do.

After posting voice notes as status updates, users will nonetheless have the option of deleting them for everyone. Users can always maintain control over the information they provide thanks to these abilities.

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Steps required for uploading whatsapp voice status.

1. open the whatsapp.

2. Tap on the status tab situated on the screen’s bottom left.

3. Users will notice a camera icon on the Status screen along with the “My Status” option at the top. Touch it.

4. Users are then brought to the status screen, where they can choose from a variety of media kinds.

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5. To record your voice, tap and hold the microphone icon. Pressing the symbol will end the recording.

6. Once finished, you have the option of adding text, stickers, or drawings to your voice status.

7. To upload your voice status, use the send icon.

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