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Employees’ Provident Fund is known as EPF. It is a retirement savings programme that is necessary for all Indian workers making up to Rs 15,000 per month. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) oversees the EPF programme.

It is a contributing system in which the employee’s EPF account is financed by both the employer and the employee. 12% of the employee’s pay is contributed by the company, and 8.33% of the employee’s salary is contributed by the employee.

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Online Steps to check EPF balance

1. You must have your UAN (Universal Account Number) enabled in order to access the EPFO portal and check your EPF amount. Once triggered, proceed as follows: Utilise your login information to access the EPFO portal.

2. The “Our Services” tab can be selected.

3. Choose “For employees” under the drop-down menu.

4. Select “Member Passbook” from the “Services” tab’s drop-down menu.

5. Enter your UAN and password on the next login page

6. You will have to provide the information to log into your EPF account.

7. You may examine your current EPF balance and obtain your EPF passbook from there.

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UMANG Application

1. For users to check their EPF balance, the UMANG app, also referred to as the “m-Sewa app of EPFO,” is available for download. This is how:

Look for the “EPFO” option under the “Employee Centric Services” area on the home screen of the UMANG application once it has been launched.

2. The “Member” option should be selected before the “Balance/Passbook” option.

3. Your UAN and registered cellphone number should be entered.

4. You will be able to see your adjusted EPF balance upon verification.

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One of the beneficial retirement savings plans that aids in creating a stable financial future is the EPF scheme.

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