Top Pedestal Fan Brands to combat the heat


Pedestal fans are stand-up fans that are ideal and cost-effective household need to combat the heat. It is appropriate for porches and small interiors, and it will unquestionably give your home’s decor a vintage feel. These fans are light and portable. Some of the fans are arriving with coaster wheels so we can move them around easily. It is simple to use and does not require any special assembly; all that is needed is to insert the plug into the socket. However, you may use the speed regulator to regulate the speed and change the height as necessary. Let’s talk about the top pedestal fans now on the market.

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Best brands for Pedestal fans

1. Atomberg Renesa Pedestal fan- It is an energy-saving, high-speed BLDC fan with a 5-star rating.  It has a sophisticated Atom sensing algorithm that delivers high 1500RPM for a 76CMM airflow rate. The ultra efficient BLDC motor is perfect for homes and workplaces since it uses only 35 watts of electricity, saving up to 65%.  It includes an intuitive remote control. With the push of a button, you may change the fan’s speed or use its distinctive features, such as timed mode and swing oscillation. The remote is practical to use because it can be used from anywhere in the room up to 20 feet away.  It may be used as a table fan and has an adjustable height. It has a portable design with easy to clean slim metal body with Abs plastic construction and LED lights for speed indication. It is noiseless and comes with standard one year warranty.

2. Orient electric Pedestal fan-it has aerodynamically designed resin blades for maximum air delivery. It has telescopic arrangement for full height adjustment by contemporary collet. it is adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism. It provides extra protection with powder coated guard with polymer ring. It is motor protected through thermal overload protection device.

3. Ibell chrome Pedestal fan- it is 5 leaf pedestal fan with motor at 55W and high air throw. it is powder coated metal grills standing fan . It has strong body for more life and more base stability. It has height adjusting option available. It comes with 2 year standard warranty and one year additional warranty on free registration. It has 100% copper motor which ensures smooth, power packed and long lasting performance. It has 5 ABS blades which deliver a quieter performance by reducing vibrations and air cutting noise.

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4. Bajaj Pedestal fan- With increased air supply, the air feels better. It operates quietly, resulting in excellent effectiveness and little noise from air cutting. It contains an overload thermal protection, which functions as a fuse and guards against damage to the motor. It’s fully copper-coated motor increases longevity and offers reliable performance. The product has a one-year warranty. Compared to other wall fans, it uses less electricity, which promotes environmental preservation.

5. Usha Mist air pedestal fan- It features strong motor for Indian circumstances and aerodynamically designed blades for maximum air delivery with less noise.  In the event of a thermal overload, it protects protech from overheating and fuses.  It offers a two-year guarantee with oscillation that is smooth and jerk-free. It operates quietly, requires little maintenance, and is simple to clean.

6. Havells swings pedestal fan- It includes a 2 hour timer setting and offers jerk-free oscillation. The fan delivers air at a rate of 72 cm2 thanks to its 400 Mm sweep size. This fan’s traditional three-blade design guarantees optimal air distribution across the whole space. Thermal overload protection, or TOP, is included within this fan.  It increases the motor’s lifespan so that you can benefit from it for a long period.

7. Amazon Basics pedestal fan- This high-speed pedestal fan produces air supply of 65 to 73 CMM at a peak speed of 1456 RPM.  It has well-designed blades, three speed settings, and a 400mm overall sweep length. It has an automatic oscillation feature with 78-degree coverage that is jerk-free and smooth to evenly cool large areas.  With 3 vertical tilting angles that can be changed with a single hand, it is simple to use. It is put through a variety of tests that compare it to worldwide standards for things like performance, safety, and durability.  On manufacturing flaws, there is a 2-year warranty.

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8. Usha Helix Pro Pedestal fan- this fan has ultra high speed and high air delivery of 98 CMM it has 100% powerful copper motor for longer life and stable performance. It has aerodynamically balanced sturdy ABS blade and a strong base for stability. It has modern and sleep drop body design for a modern decor. It has drop shaped modern design which enhances the decor for a modern and stylish look.

9. V guard Pedestal fan- It has attractively designed blades, good performance, a remote control, and an integrated timer. You and your family will experience unrivalled comfort with this fan. It has three speed settings: regular, natural, and sleep, allowing you to select the pace as needed without sacrificing performance. Strong ABS construction and a very sturdy motor power it.  It will function well for a long time, and built-in overload protection further shields against any injury.

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