Vastu tips for Chandelier to bring more happiness Into your home


Many different elements are used to decorate our homes. Many things make a home beautiful, from home decor showpieces to wall hangings. However, it has been observed that the majority of people hang chandeliers in their living rooms.

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They not only look stylish, but their lighting completely transforms the look of the living room.

When installing chandeliers, most people consider the size of their home interior, living area, and likes and dislikes. Aside from that, you should take care of some minor details to ensure that your home is always positive.

Should glass or crystal be used?

When selecting a chandelier for your home, try to use as much glass or crystal as possible. If it has genuine crystal work, it is considered very good. Such chandeliers brighten up the entire room.

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Keep showpieces as well

If you’re going to install a chandelier, try to place matching mirror or gloss showpieces in other directions. Such showpieces amp up the energy of the chandelier significantly.You can keep them facing any direction, such as north, east, or west.

Use a variety of colors

When installing a chandelier in your home, keep in mind that you should incorporate a variety of colors into it in some way. When many colors are used in the chandelier, each color brings positive energy to your home and maintains a pleasant atmosphere. However, take special care not to use too much red in the chandelier. This increases the fire element in it, which can cause unnecessary tension in the house.

Maintain a clean environment

In general, people install chandeliers in their homes but do not pay attention to their cleanliness or maintenance. As a result, dust and dirt accumulate on the chandelier, and cobwebs become stuck to it. You should not, however, make this error. The positivity of the chandelier is lost as a result, and your house receives no positive energy from it.

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What if the bulb burns out?

The chandelier usually has bulbs attached to it, but they are sometimes fused. We do not alter the situation in such a case. However, you should not do so. By doing this it creates a feeling of incompleteness, which is not considered good at all. As a result, the fuse bulb should be replaced right away. Likewise, if any part of the chandelier breaks, you should have it repaired. If you enjoyed this story, please spread the word.

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